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Saturday, December 31, 2005

More insights into SEO

For your information, SEO = Search Engine Optimization. Or you can check my knowledgebase for such topic.

Why SEO ?

SEO is important but sometimes frivolous because everything are based on trial-and-error and assumptions. The fact that the BIG THREE (Google, Yahoo, MSN) don't actually provide official guidelines for such. Their reason is that of maintaining search results integrity. ~Good for them~

Anyway, being indexed and listed in popular searches result is an effective marketing tool. Consider this fact.. if you have a great software for doing language translation and intended to sell it around your neighbourhood. You could knock-on all doors doing the promotion, but I can tell you that it won't quite work. However, if you host it online with good search engine coverage, you can sell it better. WHY ? because it is a psychological caveat which impacts people in such a way that whenever an offer is approached to them, it will be a no-go. However, when they have something in mind, Internet is one of the options and there goes Google, Yahoo and MSN (in that order).

Thus, people would buy online for a product which can be obtained next door.

Previous Experiences:

I had been doing trials on SEO as I was intrigued by it as well. Also, couple of blogs had been written based on that:

1. A great way to get indexed to Google.
2. Why Google Base ?
3. SEO Status Report 2.
4. Search Engine Optimization Status.
5. Search Engine Submission to Google.

New Insights:

Just today, I managed to obtain more insights into SEO. Let me share with you.

First of all, let's examine my status in term of the keyword "tech blog". I also provide associating reasons for such reality. It will be in pictorial, very cool.

MSN = No.3

So, MSN has always put high preference for this blog, I am not sure why, but my theory is that it is a result of having indexed to Tan Family & Associates Blog. Just today, I hit No.3 spot for this category. A great achievement. And if we study it deeper, from the cached page, it is noticeable that MSN recognizes that "Mobile" should match "tech blog" accurately, more than others.

Let's take a look at the No.2 for keyword "Tech Blog" under

As you may notice, it is still related to Mobile technology. Thus, regards "mobile" as something associated with "tech" per se.

Spartial conclusion:
1. You have to be part of network.
2. Your cached contents must match the keyword.
3. I also notice that MSN considers frequency of contents update.

Yahoo = No. 100

Thus, we are No. 100 and the cached showed link to "Amazon is How big?", which Yahoo might not consider "Amazon" as having heavy association to "tech".

Let's now investigate the number 1 for yahoo in term of "Tech Blog".

Okay, woo hoo!, Yahoo! considers "Google Earth" as having heavy association with "tech", not a bad choice.

Spartial Conclusion:
1. Have to be part of Yahoo! network. (Similar to MSN, Google)
2. Your cached contents must match the keyword. (Similar to MSN, Google)
3. I do notice that Yahoo uses the META tag for filtering too.


Within Google, this blog is currently ranked 149 for "Tech Blog", it is an improvement. And it is noticeably due to my most popular blog ever... white house failure google? Which allows direct link to Google's Blog.

The number 1 result for "Tech Blog" from Google is:

Google considers "Typepad" to have heavy association with "Tech".

Spartial Conclusion:
1. Based on my white-house-failure-google experience, it is clear that you have to be part of Google's network (Similar to MSN, Yahoo)
2. Cached contents is important for the filtering. (Similar to MSN, Yahoo)
3. I feel that Google's PageRank also decides for the filtering process. Currently, this blog is still 3/10.



1. The million dollar question is can we perform SEO over the night ?

I don't think so, at least you have to wait for the search engine to do its business of crawling and that would be, from my experience, a minimum of 3 to 7 days.

2. The next question is can one achieve its SEO objectives within 7 to 14 days ?
My answer would be YES, but not without a caveat; expensive.

I have been doing this for many months and my insights grow thicker each day. But I can assure that it will be hectic and load-full. The fact that SEO is content-based, thus if a client of engineering genre wanted to get its URL SEOed, I would need to research on the engineering segment.

Probably, if the client is willing to pay RM 5K for such job, it can be a good deal. Well, at least RM 3K.

Rules of Thumb:
1. You have to get indexed to each of them, either through URL injection or introduction. You have to get your URL listed on those web sites which these crawlers frequent. One of them is of course this tech blog.
2. You have to be part of their (Google, Yahoo, MSN) mutual and non-mutual networks. For instance, MSN has high preference for me, perhaps it is due to the fact that my URL exists in MSN network more than others.

Perhaps the following might work:
MSN --> Put more comments to spaces' blog
Yahoo --> Put more comments to 360's blog
Google --> Put more comments to blogspot's blog. And you might want to link back to Google's blog.

3. Once you (URL) are being indexed, you have to increase your URL occurences. This is actually having direct relevancy to the first rule.
4. Once you(URL) exist coherently in the search environment, the next thing you should figure out is the contents. Refer to today's insights.
5. Meta might work also, but not all the time.

1. If you want to have great searchability, focus on just one topic such as this javascript blog,
2. or you may want to follow style, which is to include just anything as much as possible.

IT-Sideways is having some dilemma because it is not employing either one of the the electives' mode. It is quite on top of the fence.


I strongly believe that blog will revolutionalize web sites.

First of all, Blog is quite similar to forum but different in the sense that:
1. Blog is author-oriented. Means that topics or discussions are initiated by the authors/administrators. While in forums, administrators only manage the content.
2. Forums, provided the administrators are very committed and well-versed with the genre, otherwise suffer lost-touch most of the time. what I meant by lost-touch is that most of the time, someone posted a question which might lead up to either no-one-reply, not-enough-provision-of-knowledge or simply poster-dont-bother-to-come-back-for-the-answer.
3. Forum is harder to manage and can become very messy.

And that some web sites have forums in it while at the same time many have started to adopt blog as well. But it has been a norm that web-sites are anchor to blogs, means that you will usually gotten a web site first before reading its blog.

However, I feel that in the very near future, the reversal will happen. If you look at most of the searches, returned results are mostly blog-oriented. As the number of blogs increases, this will be even more inevitable. Thus, let's call this the bewhere (blogwebsite) page revolution.

Luckily, it has only been the BIG THREE and not the BIG FIVE or six or ten.

This blog has come a long way actually.

Friday, December 30, 2005

A blogger 2005 Summary

This blog was started roughly around August 22, 2004 with the intention of sharing information and providing insights. Check out my blog about why IT-Sideways tech blog?

To date, this tech blog has accumulated 206 blogs in total within a duration of 1 year and 3 months.

Google Adsense:
Google Adsense started to take effects since July 2005.

July 2005 = $0.57
Aug 2005 = $1.22
Sept 2005 = $0.83
Oct 2005 = $ 5.53
Nov 2005 = $ 2.40

The highest earning was recorded at month of December 2005.

Page Impressions = 2,652
Clicks = 92
Page CTR= 3.5%
Page eCPM[?]= $3.83

In total, I have earned USD 20.72 (RM 78.74) from Google.

1. How much can you earn through Google Adsense?
2. Effective CPM ?
3. All about money...

Based on these articles..
USD 10.17 = 2,652/1000(per 1k impression) x 3.83

This is only based on Per-Impression, how about those that is based on Per-Click ?

Anyone have better idea ?

Actually the answer lies in this page.. croaching tiger, hidden dragon style.
It states...

The Google ads you are able to display on your content pages can be either cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-1000-impressions (CPM) ads, while AdSense for search results pages show exclusively CPC ads. This means that advertisers pay either when users click on ads, or when the advertiser's ad is shown on your site.

What it means is that Google Adsense publisher will not be able to enjoy pay per click revenue. Because ads for that context will only appear from the search results pages.

Many advertisers don't have the time to research the policy like I did. They should just read this blog.

How did I get here ?

Now let's see how do this blog ever got to generate this earning (even though it is not a big deal).

May, 14 2005 was the day which this blog is numbered and it's still doing. I added a site-counter to figure out the "back-end" of this blog.

Thus, based on average, this blog hit 89 x 30=2670 visitors for December 2005. Otherwise we may take 626 x 4=2504 visitors for December 2006. And thus, we shall conclude that it takes around 2500 visitors to have generated an Adsense revenue of USD 10.17, which is equivalent to RM 38.65. However, since Google will only liquidate only when one reaches USD100 (RM 380), thus to earn that minimum paycheck monthly, I will have to hook up around 10 times more of current traffic and efforts. Which is 10 x 2500 = 25 K visitors per month. Wow, this is pretty tie-up really.

As you can see, the highest traffic for a day peaked at > 130 visitors per day. What a record for this tech blog, really. Weekends result lower traffic, while same goes for holiday period.

I have to admit, the reason for this sudden windfall is crystal clear, it is due to this blog which I wrote during 16 December 2005; White House Google Failure. This is the one blog which drives me to the next level (I speak for myself) and really taught me about how curiousity can bring luck. Anyway, this is the spirit which a blogger requires.

Of my other popular blogs are:

1. Product Key Failed Validation
2. WA Online
3. The Death of Credit Card
4. USD 2K per day from Adsense
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6. Redtone: Mobile Money
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8. 3G is coming for real.
9. The published Secret of Google
10. Malaysia Mobile Market Getting Saturated
11. Hotmail login difficulty

However, I still think that the followings are good blogs too (but not so popular amongst viewers):

1. Why Java Based Microprocessor? (My favourite)
2. Mobile Money Demsytified
3. Korea IT-839 Strategies
4. What is Podcast to me ?
5. IBM Quest for A.I
6. A Smart thing to Do
7. English Class for everyone
8. Why Software ?

Let's take a peek at recent's referrals...

Thus, 6/20 = 30% are coming from Google's Blog while 7/20=35% are coming from the blog about Windows XP update problem. So, this shows that many people are using pirated Windows O.S

Now, let's find out who are our beloved visitors?

Out of recent 100 visitors, early birds are coming from the USA, as 31st December 2005 approaches, its number gets smaller to be overtook by Malaysian. 28% of visitors come from Malaysia while 24% from USA. The rest are of U.K and etc.

American treat new year celebration as something important compared to Malaysian. I know why, it is because they get to make out during new year eve. Malaysian don't usually kiss in the public : O

The way foward?

Thus, if you wanted to earn RM 2k per month, you will have to: 2 k/3.8 = USD 526. This would be 5+ times of USD 100(the minimum amount requirement for Google to send you a cheque for adsense revenue) and thus I would need this much of visitors monthly:

5 x 10 x 2500 = 125 k visitors, which might be impossible (for one-man-show).

Thus far, I only know of one blog which might be able to earn USD 100 + monthly from Google Adsense; the Liewcf blog. This blog is generating 20 K visitors per week, that would be 80 K visitor per month. Thus, on the average, he would earn USD 300 + monthly; equivalent to RM 1140 +. Wow, tat is good money for a blogger ya.

Google's blog generated 4.3 million unique visitors and 8.7 million pageviews in just 6 months. Anyone has the figure for boing boing blog ?

To determine if Google Adsense is being transparent, perhaps LiewCf can comment something here ?

Happy new year 2006 to everybody.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Also, I like to express my gratitude towards the few people who have linked this blog to their blogs.

  2. mental jog
  3. Syiok's Blog
  4. 'Mobile Talk' from an Employee in a Telco
  5. blog.jiboneus
  6. Blogging My Way
  7. Tan's Family & associates
  8. Liewcf Blog
  9. Blogshares
  10. Malaysia Political Blog
  11. Google's Blog
Without these blogs, this blog will not go this far.

Last but not least, Happy Google Blog 2006.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

China has 200 million mobile users

China has 200 million pre-paid mobile phone users. Its government is hard on the thumb to make it mandatory for pre-paid mobile phone users to get themselves registered. Such move is seen as solution to curb illegal activities from the mobile platform. Of course, to a country like China, this is very important indeed.

At the local front, Malaysian government is also exercising similar enforcement. A deadline which is by the end of March 2006, for all telcos to get all its prepaid phone user to submit their personal details. The telcos said they are making the registration process as painless as possible for subscribers but those who do not register will have their service stopped. - Jo Timbuong (The Star In.Tech 22 Dec 2005)

On the other hand, telcos are also providing incentives to customers.

Thailand also introduced such compulsory act not long ago, an attempt to curb illegal bombings. Comparing to Malaysia, we have been bomb with less serious explosion like "chinese woman being forced to strip naked". Thus, when everybody are registered, the case can be solved immediately.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Learning from other business strategies

We have seen many business collaborations, these are apparent in the headlines especially amongst big corporations. For instance, Microsoft collaborate with SAP, SAP with Java and etc.

Is business collaboration an act of business needs or side-effect of Eutopian?

Business Needs?
NEC seeks strategic ties in cellphones and Chips .. where NEC is expected to collaborate with competitors like Toshiba and Sony corp for tie-ups in development and marketing, to offset hefty development cost and improve time-to-market efficiency.

Samsung is constantly looking for new technology partners. For instance, Samsung don't just work with Microsoft for its Windows CE.NET, it also uses Symbian OS for some products. Perhaps, there is a business case for this(to determine best practices), or perhaps it is just due to human politics.

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., the world's third-largest maker of handsets, will team up with Qualcomm Inc.'s modem chips to supply handsets to U.K market via Vodafone Group Plc, Samsung said on Wednesday. The core competency of Qualcomm Inc is provision of HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packat Access); which is the most popular 3G mobile standard.

Why wouldn't Samsung team-up with Telekom R & D whom has also produced many wireless technologies.

Perhaps, like Eutopian suggested, when men get a better life, they expect better things to come along. In other words, we are constantly redefining ourselves, looking for a better society-positioning in this human platform; the planet earth.

Eutopian is real

Julius Ceasar

Eutopian is more real than you think it is and there is no solution for it. From my personal experiences, I realized this while registering for user login to certain web sites. Due to the nature that the password which I used is common for many logins (email, PC, weblog and etc), thus it would be a disaster for me if someone manage to figure it out; that all my logins would be exposed. Thus, whenever I encounted web sites doesn't look too professional for me, I wouldn't provide my master password, and I would just do away with dummy one like "abc123". This is due to the fact that I assume those unprofessional web sites don't maintain encryption policy for its databases.

Another example can be witnessed from a sharing by my brother about how passive communication may bring trouble to your career. All these, by all virtues, are man-made.

Shouldn't the smaller ICT players in the Malaysia market also do similar things? - Collaborate among each other to fight for a bigger cause since big boys have big cost while smaller boys have smaller big cost.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Why do we need MiBench

This is motivated by the white paper; MiBench: A free, commercially representative embedded benchmark suite. It is the hardwork of R & D by the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Michigan College of Engineering (EECS, UMICE)

Microprocessors are everywhere including those being employed in servers and high-end desktop systems and embedded system such as handphones and etc. The sales of microprocessor for embedded system exceeds the rest.

Short Summary:
1. Benchmarking is required for quality control. If one developed a chip (microprocessor), how you make sure that is it working fine ? This also applies to QC of embedded system tools such as compiler.
2. Many benchmarks have been proposed such as Dhrystone, LINPACK, Whetstone, CPU2, Mediabench and etc.
3. The most popular on is called the standard Peformance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) CPU benchmarks. Currently, it is in third revision called SPEC2000.
4. A remarkable increase in the number of ISA (instruction Set Architecture)s for embedded applications and this number continues to grow.
5. EEMBC (EDN Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium) recognized the difficulty of using one application domain to charactirize a benchmark for this purpose. Thus, its benchmark is based on five embedded application domains.
6. MiBench concept is based on the EEMBC's model, which the application domain of six categories; Automotive and Industrial Control, Consumer Devices, Office Automation, Networking, Security, and Telecommunications. Each of these are known as a suite.

Thus, MiBench's scientist actually code from scratch 6 sets of source codes known as suite each, where they are expected to accomodate to the following changes in terms of each suite. Each suite is considered a benchmark for each application domain.

The following table summarizes benchmark "C" language program created for each suite.

basicmathjpegghostscriptdijkstrablowfish enc.CRC32
qsortmadrsynth(CRC32)Pgp signIFFT
susan(edges)tiff2bwsphinx(sha)Pgp verifyADPCM enc.
susan(corners)tiff2rgbastringsearch(blowfish)rijndael enc.dec
susan(smoothing)tiffditherrijndael dec.GSM enc.
tiffmedianShaGSM dec.

This white paper provides details explanation of each benchmark program.

In other words, this white paper and its source codes are a good source for research of how real things work. For instance, one may wonder, what is the like of a real world shortest path algorithm being employed in routers and switches ?

The answer is dijkstra algorithm, please find it under the network suite.

Also, you maybe thinking that how complex it is for JPEG to work ? Please obtain the documentations and source code from the consumer suite - courtesy of MiBench; open source contributor.

Thus, if you ever wanted to embedd an encription module to your system, you may also want to try out the industry standard SHA under the security suite.

Google Buys China

Under normal circumstances, whenever Google couldn't find matching advertisement for your content, it would resort to "Public Service Ads" such as those of "fund donations for Hurricane Katrina.

Google's advertisement in Chinese language is actually promoting the use of Google as encycopedia. This is probably because there isn't enough publisher which provides Chinese language contents as that comparing to English contents.

China is a tough place for netpreneur:
China is famous for banning websites. Recently, it is rumoured that Wikipedia has been blocked again.

It is trying to educate its people in a smart way; stay away from inaccurate data. Much ado is attributed to the fact that third parties like to create rhetorical news which have a lot of hype but no essense to offer. One of such example is seen from Japan's strategy to rewrite the history which not only aims to promote healthy attitude amongst Japan younger generation, also it has the potential of steering China into a direction which its younger generation will not remember the root.

It is this good or bad ?

Google-Baidu Relationship:
With China's headstrong stance on unsolicited publisher... Google is having tough time to gain a stable ground in China.

Google is reported to have invested 10 million in Baidu; China's search engine provider which is listed in Nasdaq, USA.

My Bet:
Google is not only facing pressure from China but also homeland USA because of human rights sentiment. Take for example, the news that Google's encroachment into other businesses, including the large advertising agencies, drove Google shares down 4.7% recently, its biggest percentage loss in a year.

This is the reason why it is implementing contents filtering and probably caused them to take off the "Video" searching function. Up to date, only Yahoo! Inc is maintaining the video searching capability.

For them to foray into a new market with political barriers would be resource consuming. Thus, to capture market capitalization, it is better to perform through partnerships.

Webstore shipments hold clue to holiday sales

Star In.Tech - 22 December 2005, Reuters

According to data compiled by Internet measurement firm Hitwise for Reuters (thus hitwise sell information to Reuters and the latter sold it to The Star) that Wal-Mart, Amazon and Apple Computer, along with perennial e-commerce leader eBay Inc, seem to be having the most success converting online window-shopping forays into real purchases.

Metric ?
How they measure it ?

They compared the traffic data between these online retailers and that of shipping company websites such as UPS, DHL and FedEx.

Spartial Conclusion:

According to Hitwise, online sales during this holiday season peaks where Internet traffic is.

To argue this point, let's investigate the traffic coming into this tech blog.

If one may notice, traffic coming into this blog peaked just a few days before holiday. During December 24-25, 2005, traffic soften off.

Based on the referring URL as above, one may notice that searches are majority result of personal computing forays where people are looking at ways to determine why can't they perform windows update.

Therefore, with assumption that this blog is techie-centric, the following conclusions derived:
1. The notion that e-Commerce peaks during holiday season is true when people don't search for technical stuff.
2. People tends to finish off work by investing vigorous web searching for technical stuff before the start of holiday season. This can be witnessed from the peak of this blog's traffic during December 20-23,2005.
3. On the average, people surf the Internet all the time, except that the focus is different - into leisure.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Google-AOL from China with Love

Google-AOL has been hot in the news. Google and AOL are now partners.

According to, Google is the biggest winner for this deal. To be frank, I have never visited AOL's web site until now; it is because I thought it is only meant for American.

According to the article above, some interesting facts to note here..

Fact #1
元的资金获得AOL 5%的股份。这一联盟的最初目的是改进AOL的业务前景,但最终它可能给Google带来更大的实惠。

--> After nearly one year of negotiation, Times-Warner and Google finally landed on a deal which would allow Google to own 5% of AOL's share amounted to 10 billion USD. This is by default a way to help the struggling AOL with its business development, however eventually the biggest winner would be Google.

Fact # 2

--> This will be an epochal moment for Google. It will provides AOL with credit facilities of 3 billion unit for keyword-matching advertisement. This is expected to bring even greater traffic to AOL; enriching its advertising renenue. Thus, out of the 3 out of 10 billion is being contra here.

Fact # 3

--> Times-Warner's CEO's Richard D. Parsons(官帕森斯) faced objection from largest shareholder Carl Icahn (卡尔) who opposed with the reason that this deal would bring disastrous effect to Times Warner stock performance. Well, perhaps it might be true in terms of market confidence level in the long run.

Fact #4
根据新的协议,被称为“AOL Marketplace”的AOL和Google之间的全球广告合作关系将会进一步扩展。时代华纳将能够以它自己的品牌向广告客户销售Google的搜索工具。用户在进行搜索时,Google将帮助AOL改进页面的安排。Google Talk将与AOL的AIM实现兼容。它们还将在视频搜索方面进行协作,有助于提高时代华纳-AOL的视频内容的知名度。

--> The newly setup resulted from this deal is called AOL Marketplace where AOL has the rights to rebrand the tools provided by Google. Google will help AOL with content management. On the other hand, Google Talk and AOL's AIM will be integrated.

Fact #5

--> This deal will provide Google with more edge in its battle with Microsoft which the latter has been on high hope of dealing with AOL. Previous analysts have concluded that Microsoft has higher chances over Google for such deal. Now, Microsoft is being sidelined and must derive a new strategy to bing its MSN to the next level.

Thus this is a quite obvious reason why Google wanted to have collaboration with AOL; which is because Microsoft was having similar interest previously.

Are they up to grab for AOL's network or net worth ?

Here is Google's bottom line about the deal.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Google's 2005 digest

With year 2005 approaching the end, we thank mother nature for another fine journey with respect to most people in this planet.

Conclusion from Google's Zeitgeist - Google's summary for 2005.

1. Internet news for leisure out-grows business usage.

2. What the whole world is thinking everyday ?

3. When people want to buy mobile devices, they research online, period.
We can't prove that they actually purchase anything online per se. And Apple computer is then obvious winner for its iPod innovation.

4. The most in-demand searchers in term of Google's PageRank

Myspace - leisure, social
Ares - File sharing software
Baidu - Chinese search engine.
wikipedia - online encycopedia using WIKI technology.
orkut - leisure, social
Sky News - cable TV service
World of warcraft - Games
Green Day - Entertaintment
Learnordo Da Vinci - History

Thus, average American have high priority to socializing, and like to learn new things. History is also something which is important to them. In their free time, they opt for entertaintment like games, TV and have no problem with file sharing. They are concern about the rise of China.

Suprisingly, Malaysian preferred Friendster. I have never heard of Myspace and Orkut.

Producing this report, Google positions itself as an alternative intelligence source rather than directory. This is particular visible from its report about "World Affairs", "Nature", "Movies", "Celebrities", "Phenomena"; where it gives a whole year analysis of the rise and fall of events by hinting the logic behind the scenes.

How MVNO can curb monopoly?

The Sun (Financial Daily, page 2) - December 21, 2005. According to Datuk Seri Dr. Lim Kheng Aik (Minister of Energy, communication and water Malaysia):

"APPLICANTS vying for 3G licences will have to adhere to a new condition involving the promotion of mobile virtual network operators (MVNO), in order to avoid monopoly by licence holders"

MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator)
Previously, I did blog about Redtone's venture into the MVNO; where it is supposed to be a dynamic setup concept for the next generation telecommunication infrastructure.

But I am just curious how can it benefit open-policy ?

Referring to the official guidelines by MCMC that:

Mobile operators are faced with a situation where even before recouping the investments in the current infrastructure, they are forced to invest in new generation networks, which makes investment in mobile infrastructure recurrent.

As a result of this phenomenon, service based competition is increasingly gaining prominence in the mobile sector compared to facilities based competition as service based competition is a way in which mobile operators can recoup their investment.

In order to facilitate and promote service based competition, regulators around the world are increasingly placing more emphasis on issues such as infrastructure sharing and domestic roaming.

In line with the requirements in the AIP, licensees who submitted bids for 3Gspectrum had outlined various options on infrastructure sharing.

It seems like TMB(Telekom Malaysia Berhad) is obligated to participate in this project since it is the one with the vastmost facilities in terms of telecommunication.

The caveat is that by doing so, TMB will not be seen as a monopoly player in the field. Something which is parallel with MCMC's open policy for non-monopoly. This eventually will quench the politically issue associated with TMB's monopoly.

Thus, just like what Dato Seri Dr. Lim Kheng Aik mentioned that the purpose of the MVNO concept is to curb monopoly is quite true in the aspect of TMB. Otherwise, it is more accurate to view it as a solution for cost-efficiency and convergence of technologies.

Ebay EXCMO marketing

Just recently, I received a comment-bomb from Roberto Iza.. its comment to my blog "Telextreme" reads...

Roberto Iza, My-Juno, wishes you avery merry Christmas!

My name is Roberto Iza Valdés. I was born in Cuba and raised in the U.S.A. I have been trading on eBay since January, 2001, earning a 100% positive feedback score with over 9700 transactions. I collect Spanish documents which refer to the Island of Cuba in the colonial period.

My other great passion is the Canary Islands (and Canary Islanders:)On eBay, I will occasionally list ephemera from my own collections and accumulations that I would not be able to continue to preserve and curate properly, and I would not otherwise beable to fully share with other collectors.

eBay id is EXCMO. The link to My-Juno is I am a memberof Square Trade.

Thus, this is how he does marketing for his own brand "EXCMO" with respect to eBay.

I tried to search for "EXCMO" and "ephemera" from Google and did NOT see relevant results linking back to Roberto; at least from the first page of the result.

Would Ebay Allow?
Indeed, searchability is the biggest issue in Internet. One of the biggest reason some get posted online is to be able to search for.

Do we still remember the movie Terminator 3 where John Connor is practically unplugged from this world. He bears no ID, credit card and of course, he didn't attempt to comment on any blog in this world. Thus, his strategy is smart, if you have numbers (ID), changes of being searched and traced is higher than zero per se.

But does Ebay allow for such external forces benefits its patrons or members. Ebay could, by policies, prohibit such facilities by stopping searching engine spiders from crawling its domains up to certain extend.

I think eBay has many reason to not allow this type of so called Internet-parking. Politically, EXCMO can only be searched from the web site of eBay itself; otherwise the latter would have to incurr additional charges for the former.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Amazon is how big ?

We all have heard of and Jeff Bezos many million times. I have heard it for the past five years and was really impressed with it.

It is the first online book store in the world.. WOW!
It has many books inside... WOW!
You can put on your pajamas while shopping for books ..WOW!
The biggest WOW to me is the ability to track your book, from its journey out of Amazon's warehouses to SOMEWHERE...

Or so I read and understood.

5 years later... I finally have the guts and intuition to experience for myself being the customer of

I placed an order for a book which I can't find from local bookstore (in Malaysia) on December 12, 2005. According to the system, I was supposedly receiving my order by December 16, 2005.

Today (December 21, 2005), I haven't seen and heard anything.

Since I placed the delivery address as my office address, in case my parents were not at home, I expect to receive some calls or something from the courier company. But it is not happening yet.

Frankly speaking.. I started to laugh a little at the legend which I stood-up for the last 5 years. Yes, I said a little. Becoz when you believe in a legend as a symbol of enterpreneurship excellency for 5 years, your expectation is high.

Something could have gone wrong
It is acceptable that something could have gone wrong..

Perhaps the person who delievered the packaged decided to strike and took the book with it.. but yet the fact is that I am still waiting for my order in the dark which I need it urgently.

Maybe there is something wrong.. so many maybe(s), but it is not consumer's fault.

I can't find a good help
The problem is that I can't seem to find a place where for the panic button, in fact, there is no panic button.

I checked with my friend, not many have purchased any book from Amazon too; perhaps only the Americans do that often. They gave the same answers;

1. Email them
2. Call them up.

Okay, fine.. IDD charge to USA is not expensive, I can afford, but where is the number man ?

There should be..
There should be a "panic button" which captioned "Haven't received your order ?" . Of course, maybe this is bad for their branding and PR, then what should be the right thing to do ?

Tracker ?
And where is the supposedly-legend tracking function ?

I can't find any also. It makes me feel like an idiot now.

Well, perhaps it is probably history. Amazon might have removed it for some technical or business reason. Or just pure hype by marketeers being influenced by Amazon to promote the site during the early days.

The only tracker I can find is..

It is silly to think that would like to cheat my money. But I think it would be of great value-add if they read this blog. For good and for bad.

Afterall, another soon-to-be legend Google Print makes sense now.

With this type of settings, is not working for the generic Malaysian per se. I am an IT person, I can understand the enormous headache behind this business, but would others ?

I might be talking about this for the next 10 years.... Okay lar, this could be an isolated case, but please come soon.

By the way, there is hope for budding Malaysian netpreneur looking to setup an online bookstore by highlighting in BIG font; customer service number and contacts.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Companies need to innnovate their business to survive and thrive

Financial journalists are constantly exposed to companies offering various products and services. They talked to them everyday in order to understand their businesses. One prevailing question in their mind is can this business model work?

Ng Kar Yean concluded that "innovation" should not just be used by CEOs to make their speeches sound impressive. The innovation must be tangible for all to see.

There are many examples of companies using innovation to gain market share. One such example is the demise of standalone cinemas, after cineplexes emerged showing various movies simultaneously in digital surround sound.

Most chinese restaurant owners don't reinvest their profit. That's is why their restaurants remain the same for years - Ng Kar Yean (The Edge Malaysia, December 12, 2005)

Business Locations?

Thus, why not innovate more by getting businesses to be indexed in the telecommunication and Internet medium.

MPAGES is a mobile yellow pages, its vision is to provide co-existence of businesses in the real and virtual world; via mobile and Internet platform.

Businesses chose to register to the system enjoy the following benefits:
1. Having your business searched by mobile phone users.
2. Benefiting from a virtual web page which offers simple features and being searched by Internet users.
3. Become part of the inter-linked network which maximizes searchability from the major Internet search engines.

Take for instance, EH Motor Credit S/B don't really require a full fledge, however, right now it is enjoying a directory service with both mobile and Internet front.

What are you still waiting for, innovate your business again and again and again.

Still not convince, check out how Google handles egalitarianism of information dispersal via its searching technology; Google Print which was created aiming to expedite book searching by helping books publishers and authors to recoup 60% of marketing opportunity and backlist titles being able to gain a "eternal youth" miracle.

Monday, December 19, 2005

stress blog lifestyle

Stress blocked lifestyle.

When someone writes a blog, it is imperative that he or she maintains it and response to queries. Indeed blogs maintenance can be really stressing when the reader is required to read through a lot of comments. Take an example, xiaxue-blogs by a Singaporean girl where for her entry about "how sucks is the capital city of Malaysia", it recorded 383 comments at the time of this writting.

As a reader, not only its lenghty blog gives me headache, the comments totally kill me. I never bother to read the comments and thus never comment on it. And I feel that the author must be suffering from "forces of deleterious nature that disturb it normal physiology equilibrium". This it a good phrase to express my situation when attempted to appreciate the beauty of xiaxue's writtings and its comments.

Now I can understand why becoming a CEO is so stressful, because you just have to know everything. or Shouldn't you ?

What Blogspot should contribute?

To help reduce stress in the blogsphere, blogspot should do the following:

1. Create tools to help blog-reader to read blogs.
2. Create functions which would consolidate similar-meaning comments into a "zip" so that no time is wasted reading and comprehending similar occurrences of "stress".

Sunday, December 18, 2005

The beauty of computer animation

After his death for almost 28 years, people still won't let him go. Bruce Lee is as alive as possible with statues driven up to honour him and flash animation; yes animation.

According to Richard Verrier of LAT-WP, the talent pool for animation talents which are spurred by the commercial success of such hits as Shrek and Finding Nemo. This creates the biggest production bonanza in the decades.

According to, there are currently 700 jobs posted on its website.

25 animated films are scheduled for release by the end of 2007.

Hollywood studios have largely abandoned hand-drawn animation, instead pouring millions into developing new computer-animated features.

Personally, I can justify for the investment. Technologies would be created and in the long run it will be good for the production house because as skills and best practices being build up, the cost would get smaller due to shorter period of production. I think this is the whole reason for the continuation of the animation industry; profitability can be projected and calculated.

Comparing to conventional films where actors' salary were a headache, materials cannot be reused and every film ended with a full stop. Whereas in computer animation, many pieces can be reused and altered. The biggest recycle benefits is skills.

This madness also brought to life online animation schools such as This is particulary interesting I feel that personal marketing is starting to take effect on the way businesses buy things. Online is the only way which complete personal freedom can be demonstrated in an learning environment, particularly the mentor don't have to know who are the students.

Yahoo! Inc was recently chosen by Six Apart Ltd; creator of Movable Type (a weblog software) to be the preferred sales channel for small business. This is partly because Yahoo connects to thousands of consumer daily. and with the personal-marketing effect which I am suggesting where potentially in the future, a business entity decision to buy software would be decided by majority votes of its employees' preferences over their favourite software. Small businesses are basically personal-driven, most of the time, they have less than five employees in the company (according to Malaysian market survey) and thus individual association towards certain technology is something to note.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Malaysia SME facts

SME is a big business. The government of Malaysia just announced a great blueprint for SME development.

Is this a spin-off from the budget 2006 announced two months back ?

But anyway, SME is a big business because it in Malaysia there are a total of 349,617 registered SME and many more non registered. If only each one of them pay you RM 1 per month, you would be a milionaire in 3 months.

So, Malaysian government has allocated a total of RM 3.8 billion for this purposes where it relates to ICT sector in the followings:

1. Helping SME to adopt technologies. This is going to give previous incentives a big boost.
2. RM 300 million for pre-seed funding.

So, hey great. Estimated around 300 companies would be getting some funding for business in the very near future.

But after this annoucement, where is it going to lead up to ? Do we have to wait again.

And why the budget 2006 coverage from The Star has be taken down ?

I also have no comment lar ..

SKThew, Lit Kit Siang, Jeff Ooi .. any comments ?

The key to success in conquering the SME world is not via incentives. We have to take their heart where it matters most; where it trusted most.

What I mean by this is that Internet based solution is going to be the winner to this madness. Broadband adoption, laptop sales and Internet applications deployment will witness tremendous increase in volume for the near future.

To do the marketing well, we have to make ourself available to the search engine.

A great way to get indexed with google

Just yesterday, I wrote a blog about "white house failure google" which talks about the problem of the word "failure" being associated with The White House of USA.

Along with my interpretation, I also included a link to the real answer; Google's feedback about the problem.

To my great surprise, that blog entry brought tremendous amount of traffic to my blog. It should be the highest for me currently (yes i know, it is still low).

As you may notice, it recorded the highest for the month; > 60 hits per day.

And why so ?
By evaluating the referral for my site, it shows the following:

It shows that they are coming from the same link which I provided for the Google's answer for the "failure" issue.

This thing is this, somehow, Google is able to detect incoming link to its blog and create an external link to them as well dynamically.

It is very efficient and intelligent because it is real time.

This example shows that one way to get indexed to Google's search list is to keep linking back to its blog. However, the only problem is that it is non-static. The list keeps appending downward !

MSN Search is down?

Blogging is a lot of fun. When I started blogging about a year ago, my vision was to share my thoughts and knowledge to people around the world.

Thus, I have reason to believe that blog should be something which speaks the truth, otherwise there is no reason why people should read your blog anyway. A blog has to bespeak unofficial interest.

As blogger, we should try to refrain from the following:
1. Comtemplating hiding good facts from other people - fearing that other would be smarter than you.
2. Fearing to write about a live situation which you have a reason to protect.

Thus, here you go.. as at 17 December 2005, MSN Search is currently down for maintenance.

Friday, December 16, 2005

White house failure Google?

Just yesterday I got an email from a friend saying that "Google made mistake in directing searches resulting from the keyword 'Failure' directly to the White House of USA."

For instance, you if you search from Google using keyword "failure":

You notice that the first result is directing to White House of USA. Obviously, there is a caveat here. Something is not right politically.

Let's try other search engine.

Seems like MSN interfered with its search result.

Thus, this shows that there is no fraud in Google. It is clearly a result of search engine based on the current Internet search engine environment.

To get to the bottom line of this problem. The answer is as follows:

Google confirms that this is no technical error nor fraud from Google. It is a result of Googlebombing. This claim is taken directly from Google's blog (a weblog published by Google) and thus it should solve all doubts.

Strangely, Google also accidentally exposed certain secrets to its complex-search engine processes. Many people like me, have been over years trying to figure out a way to "hack" the system where the objective is to intentionally mould a web site's URL to be the first ranking. Many web hosting companies have denied such concepts, saying it is non-existence. On the other hand, many SEO (search engine optimization) experts have provided free and non-free advices on how to get things done. However, they maintain that the real answer will never be known since Google won't reveal it. With this, at least we know that it can be done with GoogleBombing. Which is basically:

1. Associating a keyword, for instance "Failure" to an URL using a hyperlink.
2. Insert the hyperlink to as many web sites as possible as comments and etc. You can do this to forums, weblogs and etc.

If you also notice from the screen capture, US government officials also use similar tactic to blackmouth Micheal More. The only problem is that the white house has higher ranking in terms of "failure"

This is a good example to show that Google maybe the most popular, but its result may not be the most accurate since it can be tampered with.

We can also use this example to show that it may not be good to be the number 1 spot in these Internet search engines if sincerity is of your primary concerns. In retrospect, this also shows that if you want to be the first in these search engines, you have to do something at the back.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

is Education a Failure in Malaysia ?

Star In.Tech - 15 December 2005 (Thursday)

Title: "Levy on CD-Rs would be unfair, say consumers."

Brief Summary:
1. Music Council of Malaysia (MMM) will impose a levy on CD-Rs, which can be used by consumers to copy music CDS.
2. Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shafie Apdal said it may be better if something could be done to control the distribution of CD burners, rather than imposing a levy on blank CD-Rs.
3. Two out of three CD-Rs sold in the country are used for copying audio-visual material.
4. Darshan Singh, National Consumer Complaints Committee chairman, said the MMM proposal is unfair to consumers.
5. Software developer, Thomas Yip, said the music industry's call is absurb because the MMM does not know how extensive such "home recordings" of music pieces onto CD-Rs are.

My thoughts:
Why can't we do the right thing ? Shouldn't we let education to solve this type of problems ?

Even though the Music Council of Malaysia (MMM) and Domestic Trade and Consumer Ministry understood that Malaysian by large are still pretty much naive and shallow minded; and instead of doing something to fix the minds, they proposed some rhetoric and small-brainer strategy. This is not the first time, it has been many times. Whenever an issue is brought up, a red tape will be drafted and eventually got overturned again.

Alamak, let's grow up. Let's get to the bottom line. Fix the brain of our people.

1. Create awareness, successful campaigns and etc.
2. Publish statistics
3. Let people understand the whole scenario.
4. Influence people to grow up and think for long term.

We have to grow the mindset of the society if we are talking about moving towards vision 2020.

The americans can differentiate that "breasts not bombs"; a campaign to protest against IRAQ war. And I respect that. Nudity is not as dirty as war; politicaly jeolousy and racism.

Most Malaysian only view nudity as "HAM SAP" per se!

If the fans really love "Siti Nurhaliza" so much, they should buy original. So, actually do they love piracy or Siti ? I think they (We) are confused most of the times. We have money to spend on petrol for traffic jam but not enough money to buy original CDs.

Of cousre, MMM and the ministry must comply to political pressure. However this is more like lip-service than knee-jerk reaction. Does all these means that politician has no hope on education ? Does all these means that our politicians bear no hope on education?

SKThew, Lim Kit Siang, Jeff Ooi; any comments?

Malaysian Internet surfing habits

Based on the site statistic for this blog "IT-Sideways Tech Blog", I manage to capture a little insights into the surfing habits of Malaysian.

First of all, to make my claims, let me show you the following statistic for visit per day for this week (7 - 13 December 2005)

As you may notice, the traffic started off with higher volume from beginning of the week and then measured the lowest point on 10-Dec-05 and 11-Dec-05, which as Saturday and Sunday respectively. This shows that there are lesser surfing traffic during the weekends. The traffic volume moves up again after the weekends.

Now to prove that these people are mostly Malaysian. I have the following extracts:

Based on 100 visits of recent statistic, the traffic consists of 48% of Malaysian. That accounts for majority.

Search Engines Know Me?
If we agreed to the concept that "a Malaysian blogger contents should apply more to Malaysian." Thus this means that search engines know where I am from.

How do they manage this ?
--> Based on IP address or others metrics, I am not sure.

Or it is true that what I wrote applies more to Malaysian ? --> Probably.

Many Malaysian only surf the Internet for various purposes during office hours. During the weekends, they are quite unplugged.