what amazes you would do for others

Real traffic coming from the search engines really amazes me. Take a look statistic from site-meter.
Search EngineKeywords
Googlewhat is realtek rtl8139/810 family fast ethernet
Googlehotlink active 5
Googlerealtek rtl8139/810
Yahooreconfigure zte modem
Google"" -O15
Yahoohotlink 3G
Google"What is podcast"
Googlehitb 2005 september
Yahoomarcus evans sucks (I think this job is done by Marcus Evans’ own IT Auditors, to safeguard their Internet publicity.)
YahooMCMC is under Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation
Yahooproblem internet using handphone
Yahootrojan horse dropper.small 15.h
Yahoohow to share a topup with hotlink

This proves that what puzzles you will puzzle other people as well. And for the sake of creating quality blog, these are the contents which are qualified for it.

For instance, if you are having problems configuring Streamyx ZTE modem, others would face the same problem and might search for it online. And if you so happened to have documented it and got it indexed to search engines... voila.. you become a publisher.

1. how to create quality blog?
2. how people define quality blog?
3. is quality blog same as popular blog?
4. can the concept of quality blog be manipulated?


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