Why java based microprocessor?

Java based microprocessors are now starting to hit the market to address this need. By embedding the Java virtual machine into the hardware, significant performance improvements are achieved, without paying significant penalties in space or performance. In other words, Java based microprocessor is different from other generic one because it has the JVM (software) specification designed to its hardware, making it hardware-JVM.

The following are listing of Java-Centric microprocessor.

Javalon Embedded Processor
Zucoto Xpreso
ARM Jazelle
inSilicon JVX Accelerator
Nazomi Multimedia Processor

The objective of this white paper is to investigate the reason behind the invention of Java based microprocessor that:

Why wouldn’t it be easier if a generic microprocessor is used instead where JVM (software) can be installed to hardware platforms?

For full contents of the paper, please download it.


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