Changing the world yet again...

Google has always been great, they have always come with great surprises.

Recently, they created a web-spreadsheet, with purpose of sharing enabling.

And if any of you are interested with the history of spreadsheet, you may check out this link where Microsoft has been the latest ruler of the spreadsheet world, a reign held for many years without qualifying competitor.

The fact that Microsoft has been granted such wealth for so long is due to two reasons:
1. Microsoft never intended to make spreadsheet sharable in a workgroup manner. To do that you have to buy other products such as Microsoft Sharepoint or even Microsoft Outlook.
2. Everybody has been thinking about making money because creating a "sharable" software seems like a bad idea for profit maximization.

Therefore, Google Spreadsheet is definitely not about sending group email or time-share, it is in fact having less for more.

Let's take a look at some latest development with Google..

French book publisher to sue Google

A French publishing group is suing Google for "counterfeiting and breach of intellectual property rights" over its controversial book scanning and digitization project

Kalam for tough laws to check Google Earth

... APJ Abdul Kalam Tuesday sought tough laws to regulate high resolution pictures of vital installations being made available on the Internet by Google Earth and other websites.

Google ducks lawsuit over search rankings

Google has dodged a lawsuit filed by a California man who claimed his Web site rankings precipitously and unfairly dropped.

Google's answer to Flickr?

This link points, but as of yet there is still no trace of that site existing.

Google to Present at the Piper Jaffray Global Internet Summit

To access the live audio webcast of the event, please visit

Google founder lobbies for net neutrality

o-founder and President Sergey Brin met with U.S. lawmakers on Tuesday to press for legislation that would prevent Internet access providers from charging Web sites more for faster content delivery.

Google struggles to find markets outside search

Google is struggling to make an impact in markets outside of its core search business, despite making a huge push to diversify and reduce its dependence on search-linked advertisement.

Google argues with UK publishers over digital libraries

Publishers hit out at Google over the plan, and the effect it will have on copyright, at Monday's launch of the All Party Internet Group report on digital libraries.

Dell to supply Google with servers

said Tuesday it had reached a deal to supply Google Inc. ... The systems will be sold to Google's corporate clients as the Google Search Appliance.


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