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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Strategies of ICT Companies (2009 1st Quarter)

I have only managed to gather about less than 10 strategies.




Focus on mid enterprise

Microsoft Malaysia

Focus on mid enterprise

Microsoft Global

Windows 7


EPF Scheme

Green Packet


Juniper Networks

Government High speed broadband Project


Google Apps Reseller Program


Bankruptcy Protection


New products

Basically for those in the enterprise business, they are going to aim high but shoot low, all going for mid-enterprise market. In fact, what this means is that enterprise customers actually are going to get a discount for buying solutions by opting for lower end products. The Google Apps will also suitable for mid-enterprise sector.

Juniper Networks provides the best sharing of strategy and hinted that the broadband initiative is still something big for telecommunication industry.

If you have any more strategies, please email

Maybe it is not sustainable to keep changing strategies.

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