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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Social Media vs Conventional Media

Conventional media has to do four things to stay competitive in this period when the media industry is undergoing major evolution sparked by Internet, Search Engines,Social Media and Mobile technology.

1.) Embrace social media - hire bloggers, twitters, Youtubers, Facebookers and perform social media aggregation.

2.) Do it better in terms of technology.

3.) Get all contents and archive them and get them earliest. Other social medias will be able to reference to you soonest.

4.) New business model for media industry.

Writing good articles is not good enough - there are many writing talents out there.

Previous thoughts.

Groupon Malaysia, Miss Universe Malaysia and Grim Film Team Up to Support Deserving Malaysians

Groupon Malaysia, Miss Universe Malaysia Organisation and GRIM FILM announced a collaborative effort to bring to life the ‘Be the Difference’ fundraising campaign, which encourages Malaysians to help charitable causes.

“With ‘Be the Difference’ campaign we wished to demonstrate to society that with greater awareness, simplicity of modern technology and a little bit of generosity, a lot can be achieved in improving the lives and wellbeing of those less fortunate than ourselves.” said Joel Neoh, Vice President and General Manager of Groupon Southeast Asia and India.

He further added that with the tremendous popularity of group-buying in Malaysia, the team at Groupon felt compelled to support those in need as a community service as the platform had proven itself extremely effective.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sourcefire’s Next-generation Firewall Sets 99% Security Effectiveness

Sourcefire, Inc., a leader in intelligent cybersecurity solutions,announces that its FirePOWER™ appliance excelled in the NSS Labs independent Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) product analysis – the industry’s most rigorous NGFW testing available to date.

The FirePOWER 8250 NGFW sets a new standard for security effectiveness and protecting against 99 percent of all attacks.

According to the Country Manager of Sourcefire Malaysia, Ivan Wen, Sourcefire FirePOWER network security appliances are the foundation for Sourcefire’s entire portfolio of network security solutions.

“The universal platform enables customers to seamlessly transition from a Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention Systems (NGIPS) to NGIPS with Application Control to a NGFW. And, Sourcefire offers the only NGFW with integrated NGIPS.”

Sunday, October 28, 2012

SAP Records Consecutive Quarter of Revenue Growth in APAC Japan

SAP announced third quarter 2012 Software Revenue growth of 12% while Software and Software Related Services Revenue grew 16% in Asia Pacific Japan (APJ). This extends SAP’s track record of double-digit growth in the region to 11 successive quarters.

In APJ, Database, Technology and Analytics making up 40% of the revenue mix.

Adoption for SAP’s new innovation categories increased in Q3: Mobile revenue growth was phenomenal at 111%, with China and Southeast Asia reporting triple-digit growth.

All regions achieved market-creating revenue growth in Analytics and HANA.

Solid growth in the public sector, banking, auto, high tech and retail industries also contributed to the third quarter results.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

ABB launches Terra SC Duo AC&DC fast charging station to support electric vehicles

ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, launched the Terra Smart Connect Duo, the first 22 kW AC & DC fast charging station tested and proven to successfully support the Daimler smart electric drive and Renault Zoe using AC charging, as well as with CHAdeMO cars such as the publically announced Nissan EV200, Mitsubishi Outlander, Citroen Berlingo and Peugeot Partner. The Terra Smart Connect Duo supports both DC and AC charging equally and features an attached AC charging cable for customer convenience. It can be easily expanded with ABB’s AC wall box satellite system, making it the smallest and most versatile fast charging station on the market today. The Terra SC Duo is available throughout Europe. The AC wall box satellite system will be available later this year and offers additional compatibility to any electric or plug-in-hybrid vehicle.

With its convenient 30-120 minutes charging time, the Terra SC Duo is an obvious choice for fleet and infrastructure owners interested in tapping into the growing EV charging revenue stream and complements ABB’s existing portfolio of fast charging solutions for the highway, commercial, and office segments. The launch of the Terra SC Duo demonstrates ABB’s leadership in supporting the new charging standards.

The cloud connected Terra SC Duo is compatible with any charging network or payment & billing platform through open standards based interfaces, such as the widely adopted Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), enabling easy and secure payments via smart-phone, parking management terminals, RFID or pin code access. Terra SC Duo’s smart connectivity allows remote monitoring, pro-active maintenance and functional upgrades providing customers with the tools necessary to gather customer specific usage statistics and reports.

Towards the end of the 2019, ABB estimates that the market for charging infrastructure solutions will reach $1 billion. Since launching Europe’s first commercially operated fast charging station in May 2010, ABB has delivered and installed hundreds of charging stations throughout Estonia and Belgium in an effort to encourage and proliferate e-mobility programs.

For more information.

Symantec Launches New BYOD Solutions For Developers

Symantec Corp. announced new offerings in Malaysia to help businesses accelerate their mobility initiatives. The offerings include two new programs – the App Center Ready Program designed to help developers rapidly build trusted enterprise apps with no code changes, and the Mobility Solution Specialisation Program for channel partners – as well as a single mobile suite spanning device management, application management and mobile security.

According to the Malaysia findings of Symantec’s 2012 State of Mobility Survey, nearly half (44 percent) of the organisations in Malaysia surveyed see mobility as a challenge that requires effort to manage. Symantec is simplifying this process by working directly with app developers and implementation partners to create a developer program that businesses can rely upon.

Enterprise Ready Trusted Mobile Apps

Symantec App Center Ready Program allows mobile application developers to embed Symantec’s security and management features, such as encryption, authentication, data loss prevention policies, app distribution and revocation, into their apps without changing their source code. IT organisations with Symantec App Center can now confidently deploy these apps across both iOS and Android platforms with the same level of management, protection and trust as in-house apps.

Mobile application developers in the program can accelerate adoption by addressing concerns around information security. Participating developers will speed up time to market by eliminating additional coding and gain visibility for their apps through Symantec’s App Center Ready catalogue, which lists all trusted apps certified by Symantec. Developers can now focus on the functionality of their apps to create a great user experience while taking full advantage of Symantec’s strengths in protection and management. The initial members of the program include popular business applications, such as Branchfire iAnnotate, Damaka Xavy, Emtrace MoxierMail, GoodReader, iKonic Apps, Infraware Polaris Office and Picsel SmartOffice.

Mobility Solution Specialisation for Channel Partners

Symantec is announcing a dedicated mobility channel specialisation program that will allow partners to offer Symantec’s enterprise mobility products to their customers. The Mobility Solution Specialisation will cover the full Symantec Mobile Management Suite and will provide partners with access to opportunity registration, expert resources, enablement programs, and accreditations in a multi-tier model.

Partners participating in Symantec’s Mobility Specialisation will be able to establish compelling practices around enabling mobility with an end-to-end solution. By allowing partners to solve complex, enterprise-class mobility initiatives instead of point projects, Symantec’s portfolio can lead to multiple opportunities for value-added services as well as sustainable revenue streams. This program will be available to channel partners globally by the end of 2012.

“Businesses in Malaysia today are relying more on mobility than ever before with more people working in multiple locations, at various times, and on a number of different devices. Symantec’s Mobility Survey in Malaysia highlighted an uptake in mobile applications across organisations in Malaysia with 67 percent of enterprises in the country at least discussing deployment of custom mobile applications,” said Alex Ong, country director of Symantec Malaysia.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Blogging On Through 2012 and Beyond

There is always this revelation when I attended some events such as "they invited bloggers too?"

Ya. We got invited.

And my thoughts are these.

First of all, blog has been around way back since 2000.

I would say that blog shouldn't be part of mainstream media, it should be under social media. Also I think that bloggers don't want to be part of mainstream media because we wouldn't want to be involved with licensing constraint and red tapes. Whatever bloggers mention should be something unbiased with a bit focus on personal experiences.

Also let's not forget that enterprises can setup their own blogs which as the matter of fact, most already do. Even mainstream medias like WSJ have blogs.

And how about AllThingsD ? It is a blog fundamentally and Walter Mossberg once said that bloggers are journalists. And how about politicians and etc?

Ok I guess sometimes it ain't fair for people who didn't study journalism to be considered journalists just because they do blogging stuffs.

However, the whole media industry is actually still evolving and we are not sure how it will end up. Truth to the matter is it hasn't stopped evolving since the birth of Internet and search engines.

So, I would say that people like Google, Facebook, Twitter are the main stewards of the media industry, not bloggers and printers.

What is most important is mainstream media, social media and alternative media should represent third party opinions as much as possible and for this reason, social media would do it better because it is more personal-oriented and less business driven. How's that ??

At the end of the day, if we are talking about having big data, social media matters. It is absolute meaningless to talk about big data while trying to sideline social media for information.

Like it or not, the world has to move forward. Technology has to penetrate deeper into our daily lives. Big enterprises like IBM, Fujitsu, BMW and etc are clearly moving along this path of having technology co-exists in harmony with people. IBM calls it Smarter Planet, Fujitsu calls it Human-Centric-Intelligent-Society while BMW calls it ConnectedDrive.

As a result, some people will have to adopt new lifestyles and change job. But how about let's just say that venturing out-of-space is more excited than making a living - in the long run ?

Civilization has to move forward.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

BMW Launches Hybrids 3 Series and 5 Series with ConnectedDrive Concept

ConnectedDrive - BMW's Innovation

The BMW ConnectedDrive concept is referring to an idea of enabling the driver to be connected to the outside world while driving. Ideally, when such is achievable, the driver is in full control.

For instance, while driving from KL to Penang, the drive must be in touch with the status of the engine, fuel level, road condition, weather condition, changes to business appointments and etc.

It is not just about being high-tech, it is about being ideal.

To simply put, ConnectedDrive is the intelligent networking of driver, vehicle and the outside world. BMW figures that it can be expressed on four levels: 1.) the display and operating concept, 2.) an unparalleled light installation, 3.) the design of the car itself and 4.) the integration of the whole concept into a multimedia experience.

It promotes three key attributes of BMW’s vehicles, namely 1.) safety, 2.) infortainment, 3.) comfort.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Blue Coat MACH5 Appliance Wins Computerworld Readers Choice Award for WAN Optimization

Blue Coat Systems, Inc., a market leader in Web security and WAN optimization, announced that the Blue Coat® MACH5 appliance has won the Computerworld Singapore and Computerworld Malaysia Readers Choice Award in the “WAN Accelerator” category. This is the fourth consecutive win for Blue Coat, which demonstrates the strength of the solution and value it provides to customers that are embracing cloud-based applications, bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives and video technologies.

“The shift to cloud-based applications and BYOD trends is here to stay. This will only put additional strain on enterprise networks and increase corporate requirements for WAN optimization. IT departments will need a solid strategy to distinguish recreational traffic from business-relevant applications. With its fourth consecutive win, Blue Coat has clearly demonstrated that it has the answer to the ever-evolving needs of the industry in both markets,” said Jack Loo, editor, Computerworld Singapore.

In addition to traditional data acceleration, Blue Coat MACH5 appliances also provide next-generation WAN optimization to mitigate the impact of live and on-demand video, accelerate the delivery of cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications and manage mobile devices on the corporate network. MACH5 appliances use advanced caching technologies to prevent video floods and bandwidth consumption associated with employee-owned devices from saturating a company’s WAN or Internet gateway. Blue Coat’s asymmetric acceleration technology optimizes the performance of cloud-based applications without deploying WAN optimization devices in the application provider’s infrastructure.

“This win is a vote of confidence from the IT community in two ASEAN countries where Blue Coat has strong market presence. It validates that organizations continue to value Blue Coat’s complete and innovative approach to WAN optimization in meeting the needs of businesses with distributed employees,” said Simon Molenberg, managing director for ASEAN, Blue Coat Systems.

AIMS Enlarges Its Data Center’s Capacity in Malaysia by 92%

AIMS’ green-centric CJ1 is a Tier -3 + Fit-for-Purpose data centre. CJ1 is designed from the ground-up with the latest advancements in energy efficient data center management, business continuity, resiliency, security, disaster recovery services that provide 24X7 facilities management team at site to help organizations efficiently manage growth while reducing costs and securely mitigating risk. The data center is also layered with reliable and resilient fibre ring that interconnects CJ1 to AIMS in Menara Aik Hua.

AIMS Group the country’s premier carrier-neutral data center, announced its latest highly secured, 34,500 sq. ft. state-of-the- art ‘CJ1’ data center located in Cyberjaya.

AIMS Group, positions its newest facility as the company’s proactive response to the positive demand for the business’ IT infrastructure and application hosting services to meet and enhance their customer’s demand.

With CJ1, AIMS now operates from four separate sites within peninsular Malaysia, with added capabilities for site recovery. Its Cyberjaya data center is now fully operational and will be supporting AIMS customers starting October this year.

AIMS Group CEO, Chiew Kok Hin says, “CJ1 is a strategic move to accommodate our increasing number of regional and global customer base and to make sure that we don’t compromise on latest technologies and facilities.”

“Here at CJ1 we provide a combination of an extremely secure, top-class redundancy and supreme connectivity ecosystem for our customers to host their business applications and critical systems.”

“The expansion to Cyberjaya is a natural tactical move as it is a premier IT hub market in Malaysia and also a priority location for many multinational companies.”


Chiew says that CJ1 can be seen as a response to the government’s ambitious EPP3 program as a subsidiary of NKEA.

“EPP3 is truly a foresighted blueprint that aims to enhance the global visibility to provide capabilities in Malaysian projects that will catalyze the local ICT market. AIMS want to continue playing a major part by being a key data center operator that ensures that its direction and business operations are aligned with the government’s nation building plans via the EPP3 program for the ICT sector.”

“CJ1 is a key part of AIMS Group’s growth and will quickly contribute significantly to our climb up to be the leading carrier-neutral data centre operators and managed services provider in Asia.”

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

FalconStor Opens APAC Regional Office in Singapore

FalconStor Software, Inc., a market leader in disk-based data protection, today announced the official opening of the company’s Asia Pacific (APAC) regional headquarters in Singapore. FalconStor currently has offices in Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, and Australia.

“FalconStor has experienced growth throughout APAC due to the wide acceptance of FalconStor’s award-winning data protection and recovery solutions, and we expect it to be a key driver of the company’s future growth,” said Jim McNiel, president and CEO of FalconStor Software. “Our investment in the Singapore office demonstrates our commitment to our regional channel partners, to their customers and to the APAC business community at large.”

Jim McNiel, 
president and CEO of FalconStor Software

The Singapore office will be headed by Suresh Nair, general manager and vice president of sales and marketing of Asia Pacific for FalconStor as well.

This new office caters for:
  • A sales operations center that houses the local sales team and technology experts as well as regional financial, human resources and IT support functions.
  • Training facilities for partners to upgrade their skill set to serve their customers.
  • A new solutions center for partners to demonstrate products and to stage complex solution designs for customers.

“The new Singapore office significantly enhances our sales operations in APAC,” said Suresh Nair. “In addition to our core set of sales support services, the office provides customers the ability to test our solutions before they make a buying decision. Ultimately, our active presence in Singapore will help us build stronger relationships with our partners and customers, which will strengthen our leadership in the region.”

New CA ERwin r9 Helps Customers Make Smarter Use of Enterprise Data

ERworld Online Conference October 22-25, 2012

ERWin Whitepaper Library

CA Technologies announced a major new release of its award-winning CA ERwin data modelling solutions that help organisations increase data quality and cost savings through a unified view of strategic data assets.

The new release—the second in less than a year—provides a collaborative data modelling environment to manage enterprise data using an intuitive, graphical interface. It helps improve data re-use, optimise system quality, accelerate time-to-benefit and enable appropriate information governance—key objectives for IT organisations serving companies in today’s highly competitive and intensely regulated markets.

“Consistent, accurate and up-to-date information across systems and business functions is one of the keys to success for IT organisations supporting highly complex enterprises running large numbers of disparate systems,” said Stefan Kausch, CEO at heureka e-Business GmbH, a leading provider of media streaming, web analytics, system management and web development solutions. “The new CA ERwin solution set directly addresses the challenges these organisations face as they seek to build and maintain these models over time—especially when it comes to making sure that all stakeholders can contribute to the model and use it to the organisation’s overall advantage.”

CA ERwin r9 includes significantly improved collaboration features—on the “back end” with a re-architected model repository and on the “front end” with enhancements to the web portal—that enable non-technical users to make important updates to business-centric metadata. It also includes support for corporate security policies and industry-standard protocols, such as LDAP. These new capabilities enable disparate teams of business and IT users to more easily work together to enforce standards, assess the impact of change, and manage data assets more effectively.

“In a data-driven economy, any disconnect between data consumers and producers can have a serious adverse impact on the business,” said James Forbes-May, Vice President, Data Management, Asia Pacific, CA Technologies. “By enabling organisations to collaborate more effectively to resolve these disconnects, CA ERwin r9 can help them more successfully manage and leverage their data resources. We’re especially pleased to deliver these capabilities to our customers so quickly since our last major release earlier this year.”

CA Technologies is the global market share leader in data modelling tools, based on 2010 revenues, according to IDC.* CA ERwin has repeatedly won awards for business value and innovation from publications such as SD Times, SQL Server Magazine and Visual Studio Magazine. It has also been the “Overall Category Winner” in TechExtend’s “Riding the Crest” awards for 13 consecutive years.

CA ERwin is available exclusively through global channel partners.

Networking Industry Visionary, David Meyer, Joins Brocade

What is Software Defined Networking (SDN) ?

David Meyer said that Brocade is going to win because it has the right combination of expertise, technology vision and business acumen.

Brocade announced the appointment of networking industry visionary David Meyer to the position of Service Provider business chief technology officer and chief scientist. A foremost authority on software-defined networking (SDN), Internet routing and OpenFlow technologies, Meyer will play an integral role in the shaping of Brocade's cloud networking, advanced routing and application delivery strategy.

Meyer will report to Ken Cheng, vice president and general manager of the Routing, Application Delivery and Software Networking Group.

"David's a highly respected industry veteran with decades of experience within the networking space," said Cheng. "His leadership within various industry associations and Internet standards bodies is a testament to his ability to understand at a macro level the implications of the development and standardization of new and emerging technologies that are shaping the future direction of the networking industry."

David Meyer 
Service Provider Business 
Chief Technology Officer and Chief Scientist, Brocade

In this new role, Meyer will be responsible for working with tier-1 service providers, cloud hosting providers and Web 2.0 content providers worldwide. As an expert advisor, he will help customers develop cloud-optimized network architectures to support next-generation services and applications. In addition, he will actively engage in industry-wide discussions on seminal networking issues and evangelize Brocade's unique solutions in the areas of Ethernet fabrics, advanced routing and SDN.

With over three decades of networking industry experience, Meyer has long been an agent of change and an advocate of an evolutionary, rather than revolutionary, approach to IT transformation. A recognized thought-leader and a frequent speaker at industry events, Meyer is best known for his innovative work in defining the future direction of Internet technologies. Prior to joining Brocade, Meyer held various positions at Cisco Systems, most recently as a Distinguished Engineer focused on examining the growing role of OpenFlow and SDN within the enterprise and service provider markets.

Meyer is an active participant and influential force within a number of industry associations, including the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), the North American Network Operators' Group (NANOG) and the Open Networking Foundation (ONF). Throughout his career, he has held a number of leadership positions within these groups and currently serves as the Chair of IETF's Domain Name Server Operations and MBONE Deployment Working Group, as well as the Co-Chair of the Forwarding Abstractions Group at ONF. He is often credited as being a leading expert in networking technology who has made numerous contributions that have significantly shaped the evolution of the Internet.

"The networking industry is undergoing an evolutionary period unlike any we've recently seen. The companies that are going to emerge victorious are those with the right combination of networking expertise, technology vision and business smarts," said David Meyer, Service Provider business CTO and chief scientist at Brocade. "With its heritage for driving continued innovation, I believe that Brocade is well positioned to achieve growth within the hotly contested service provider networking market."

Monday, October 22, 2012

Exabytes Secures Its Website Hosting Services with SiteLock Partnership

Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd, Malaysia’s No.1 web hosting and cloud hosting provider, today announces its partnership with US-based SiteLock LLC (‘SiteLock’) to offer website security scanning capability to local SMEs and online businesses.

Established in Florida, SiteLock is a forerunning website security company with 600,000 customers worldwide and scans over 3 million web pages daily for threats. The company provides affordable website security and scanning solutions for small and mid-sized businesses.

According to the CEO of Exabytes, Chan Kee Siak, the new partnership with SiteLock demonstrates Exabytes’ commitment towards more comprehensive Web and Cloud-based hosting services for its customers.

“Website security is a crucial tool in today’s cyber world. SiteLock’s website security scanning allows Exabytes to offer a more secured hosting package for organizations to conduct online activities and transactions with a peace of mind.”

Security Enhanced Hosting Package for SMEs and Online Business In many cases, business owners aren’t aware of the risks when going online and choosing a web-hosting provider. Exabytes offers the option of upgrading to services that offers better protection than simple entry-level offerings.

“The new offering in hosting packages will enable a complete scan of online businesses files and codes, thus ensuring their website is malware-free. In addition, they can display a SiteLock ‘Trust Seal’ on the webpages as visual proof once the website is determined as secured.”

“We are confident that our customers will appreciate the added-value to their hosting package and thus improve their online customer conversion rate with the ‘Trust Seal’ guarantee notification,” adds Chan.

Exabytes incorporated the new security features through the OpenSRS API to provide SiteLock website security products to its customers. Existing Exabytes customers will be able to purchase the website scanning tools through the Exabytes control panel. Chan explains, "Combining the SiteLock service and the OpenSRS wholesale platform gives us the best product on the market for our customers and the best reseller feature set for ourselves."

Tom Serani, SiteLock’s executive vice president of business development says, “Exabytes brings an unparalleled expertise to the hosting market and the global industry, and their customers deserve the most complete website security available. We are looking forward to protecting their customers’ business websites across the Internet on a global scale.”

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Microsoft Challenges Google with Office 365 for Education

Microsoft Launches Office 365 for Education.

This is a challenger for Google Doc which provides free usage of office application tightly integrated with other business applications such as gmail, calendar, sites and etc.

Office 365 is SaaS replicating the success of MS Office suite.

Yes. It is free for educational institution for the basic plan which is good enough.

Office 365 for education aspires to achieve the followings:
  • Improve teaching efficiency in the education sector
  • Improve communication between students and teachers as collaboration platform
  • Provides students with tools before they join workforce

For more information, refer to Malaysia Technology News.

The free package caters for:
  • Cloud-based email, calendar and contacts
  • Use your own domain name
  • Instant messaging, voice and video chat
  • Online conferencing with desktop sharing
  • Web-based viewing and editing of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote files

Premium packages include advanced features like:
  • Unlimited email storage
  • Archiving
  • eDiscovery tools to support your compliance needs
  • Hosted voicemail support
  • Enterprise voice capabilities

Adobe had introduced similar offering for its Creative Suite 4 in 2009 - Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium Student Edition (RM 399).

The software industry is getting increasingly free - as free as air.

It was reported that Microsoft alone employed 28,000 software engineers, wondering where does the money going to come from ??

Fyi, a workforce of 28,000 is equivalent to the size of the largest GLC in Malaysia from top to bottom.

During Oracle OpenWorld 2012, the Wall Street Journal, Oct 4 2012 in the article Hurd Re-emerges at Oracle by Ben Worthen reported that Oracle alone hires 60,000 sales persons and is lead by Mark Hurd, Oracle President.

Just imagine how powerful and rich these companies are.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Oct Week 3 Happenings - Adobe® Unveils Next Generation Acrobat® XI, India Spews More Spam Than Ever Before

Adobe® Unveils Next Generation Acrobat® XI

Adobe® Systems Incorporated unveiled Adobe Acrobat® XI software, a powerful new solution that rises to today’s complex document challenges. The industry standard for PDF software will now feature complete PDF editing and export to Microsoft PowerPoint; along with new capabilities and functionality designed for tablets and mobile devices, such as touch-friendly capabilities on tablets and smartphones allowing users to add comments, fill in, save and sign forms. Acrobat XI also supports IT departments with more seamless Microsoft Office and SharePoint integration, easy deployment, applications virtualization and robust application security to help provide a low cost of ownership and sound return on investment.

Products included in this release are: Acrobat XI Pro, Acrobat XI Standard and Adobe Reader® XI.

Vicky Skipp, Regional Director, Adobe South East Asia said “Adobe Acrobat XI is a powerful new solution that rises to meet the demands of a Malaysian market that is challenged by complex documentation and an increasingly integrated environment by offering an easier way to efficiently manage, collaborate, and boost productivity. Acrobat has been a trusted desktop solution for leading organizations across Malaysia for many years and this latest version upgrade will continue to improve the business functionalities within various industries.”

Vicky Skipp, Regional Director, 
Adobe South East Asia

With Adobe Acrobat XI, new and improved features and functionality for business professionals now include:
  • Edit PDF files, modify paragraphs, images, and objects by simply clicking and dragging using the new, intuitive Edit Text and Images tool. Arrange and visually merge select contents and multiple documents into one organized PDF file, while retaining source file integrity.
  • Enhanced mobile capabilities. Work with PDF files across tablets and smartphones in touch-friendly Adobe Reader to annotate and add comments, as well as fill in, sign and save forms.
  • Save PDF documents as PowerPoint, Word or Excel files or reuse parts of or entire PDF files as Microsoft Office documents and Web pages without retyping. Reflow paragraph text without disturbing format.
  • Improved protection of all PDF files created from Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and Excel to help prevent copying, editing, or printing without permission.

The new and improved IT features and functionality now enable IT professionals to:
  • Standardize on an easy to use, full-featured, consistent, trusted PDF Reader for iPads and Android tablets. Additionally, deliver Acrobat XI and Reader XI as a centrally managed, touch-friendly, virtual application with new support for Microsoft App-V via Citrix XenApp.
  • Integrate Adobe Acrobat XI more seamlessly with Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint, enabling users to do more with PDF in an Office or SharePoint environment.
  • Streamline deployment and maintenance with free Adobe tools to aid configuration and installation, as well as enhanced support for Microsoft SCCM/SCUP and Apple Remote Desktop.
  • Help mitigate risk and protect systems and data with industry-leading security technology, in addition to the Adobe PDF Whitelist Framework, allowing selective enablement of JavaScript for both Windows and Mac OS. Easily deliver multi-step PDF file preparation and security measures using the Action Wizard to help ensure organizational consistency.
Pricing and Availability

Acrobat XI and its associated products are scheduled to ship within 30 days. They will be available through Adobe Authorized Resellers and the South East Asia store at Adobe Store price for Acrobat XI Standard is expected to be RM 1,022. Adobe Store price for Acrobat XI Pro is expected to be RM 1,533. Upgrade pricing and volume licensing are available. A free 30-day trial of Acrobat Pro will be available upon product shipment. Reader XI free download will be available at upon product shipment.

For more detailed information about features, OS support, upgrade policies, pricing and international versions please visit:

India Spews More Spam Than Ever Before, as UK Returns to “Dirty Dozen”

IT security and data protection firm Sophos has published its latest 'Dirty Dozen' report of spam-relaying countries for the third quarter of 2012. Since the previous quarter, India has grown its lead at the top of the hall of shame, and now relays 16.1% of all spam captured in SophosLabs’s global network of spam traps.

The US, which was once a permanent fixture as the leading superpower in the spam stakes and last topped the table in the same period a year ago, has risen one place since last quarter and now relays one in 15 of all spam emails.

The UK, which has managed to remain out of the top twelve spam-relaying countries for the last four consecutive quarters (having last appeared in April - June 2011) makes a return to the list, in twelfth place.

Sophos recommends that organisations and ISPs implement technology and follow best practice to ensure that malicious emails are not reaching inboxes.

Taking a global view, Asia is still the worst offending continent, responsible for almost half of the world’s spam, followed by Europe and South America. Top spam relaying continents for July-September 2012 are as follows:

  • Asia=48.7%
  • Europe=28.2%
  • South America=10.2%
  • North America=9.5%
  • Africa=2.9%
  • Other=0.5%

Further information about the latest Dirty Dozen report can be found on Sophos's Naked Security site at:

For more advice on how to combat spam, visit:

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Opportunities from Oracle Cloud Partner Programs

During the recent OpenWorld 2012 conference, Oracle unveiled new opportunities for partners with new cloud partner programs. These programs have the good intention to allow existing and new partners to further capitalize on Oracle products by leveraging on the cloud computing trends.

In a nutshell, these programs are:
  • Oracle Cloud Builder Specialization: New enablement resources provide partners who are selling and implementing Oracle’s hardware and software offerings with the expertise, tools and training they need to achieve a cloud-based Specialization. With the Specialization, partners are able to differentiate their services in the marketplace and showcase their expertise to customers based on their private cloud building capabilities.
  • Oracle Cloud Referral Program: Through the program, any of Oracle’s 25,000 OPN members can receive compensation for Oracle Cloud business referred to Oracle.
  • Oracle Cloud Specialization Featuring RapidStart: Created in conjunction with Oracle development and consulting, RapidStart Cloud Specializations enable partners to deliver their own fixed-scope implementation offerings to get customers up and running on the Oracle Cloud based on proven best practices and methodologies.
  • Oracle Cloud Resale Program: Qualifying Specialized partners will have the opportunity to resell Oracle Cloud services, creating a sustainable new revenue stream over the lifetime of their customer’s Oracle Cloud subscription.
  • Oracle Platform Services for ISVs: ISVs can leverage a secure, flexible architecture to build and deploy new applications, or extend existing on-premise offerings to the Oracle Cloud without any additional infrastructure and platform investments to eliminate costly IT resources and accelerate time-to-market.

The Oracle Cloud Specialization Featuring RapidStart program is a high level program for big partners who have the own product offerings. It is analogous to the concept of OEM for manufacturing where partners are granted the Intellectual property of Oracle Cloud offering to incorporate with their own products and offerings.

Software Developers

Software developers may want to take advantage of the Oracle Platform Services for ISV which allows partners to deploy applications and services on top of Oracle cloud offerings.

The Oracle Cloud is an offering which provides infrastructure, platform and applications with built-in social media features. This means that developers can benefit from the IaaS,PaaS and SaaS features similar to what other competitors are offering, such as Amazon Web Service (IaaS + PaaS), Microsoft Windows Azure (PaaS), RedHat Openshift (PaaS), Google App Engine (PaaS), Engine Yard (PaaS) and etc

In terms of PaaS (Platform-as-a-service), the Oracle cloud also provides developers with tools for collaboration, source code management, documentation and Java development tools. Nevertheless, this is still under preview and not yet opened for beta stage. Hence, no further information on API is available for now.

“We are announcing an unprecedented new opportunity for partners with Oracle Cloud,” said Judson Althoff, Senior Vice President Worldwide Alliances and Channels, Oracle. “With the ability to implement, develop on or resell Oracle Cloud, partners can deliver new leading services and solutions to go to market faster and more efficiently, growing their business opportunities and profits with Oracle.”

The Oracle cloud is powered by Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud and the cloud partner program is part of the Oracle Partner Network.

It is also a common thing for partners to team up with Oracle team to develop vertical solutions with industry-oriented capabilities to the marketplace.


During OpenWorld 2012, Hitachi, Ltd. has been named a Diamond level partner, the highest ranking available, in the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) Specialized program.

Hitachi is committed to helping clients bring their business visions to life through industry led services and solutions. The company’s client base includes 35 percent of the Fortune 100 and 25 percent of the Global 100, along with many mid-market leaders.

For more than two decades, Hitachi has helped clients maximize the business benefits of their Oracle Applications. Through more than 2,300 trained professionals worldwide, Hitachi provides a full spectrum of business consulting services, from pure systems implementations to assessments, upgrades, project management, change management, training and support, and systems management/hosting.

Hitachi has achieved 29 Oracle Specializations and five Advanced Specializations, with a number of additional in progress. Hitachi’s Advanced Specializations include Oracle E-Business Suite Financial Management, Oracle E-Business Suite Supply Chain Management, Oracle’s Siebel CRM, Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE), and Oracle Database. Currently Hitachi Consulting is the first Diamond partner to achieve a Specialization in Oracle’s Agile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). In addition, Hitachi Consulting has numerous other Specializations in Oracle Applications, Oracle Technology, Oracle Systems, and Oracle industries.

Specialization & Training

To date, more than 4,600 Oracle partners have become Specialized with 11 Diamond level partners, representing over 21,000 individual Specializations, and 29,000 certified specialists worldwide. Next fiscal year, to achieve Diamond level status, partners must complete 30 Specializations, 10 Advanced Specializations and generate $100 million in Oracle co-sell and re-sell.

Helping partners fully leverage all of the enablement tools they need to achieve Specialization, Oracle recently launched the OPN Specialized Activation Center, a centralized collection of OPN training resources that includes extensive training offerings for Oracle Fusion Applications.

The training sessions are an essential stepping stone towards partners reaching OPN Specialization in Oracle Fusion Applications – which will allow them to differentiate their services in the market and showcase their expertise to customers.

Already, more than 200 partners are pursuing Oracle Fusion Applications Specializations, leveraging more than 1,000 free online implementation-focused and 23 instructor-led training courses available through the OPN Knowledge Zone and Oracle University.

In all, OPN members have consumed more than 18,000 hours of free online learning courses for Oracle Fusion Applications.

In addition, six Oracle Fusion Applications Certified Implementation Specialist exams are available, including Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management, Oracle Fusion Financials, and Oracle Fusion Customer Relationship Management. Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management and Oracle Fusion Procurement Presales and Sales training and assessments are also available.

Oracle has already trained and certified over 2,000 consultants to sell and implement Oracle Fusion Applications and nearly 500 individuals completed Oracle Fusion Applications exams during the beta phase.

Who is who ?

Oracle also announced winners of the 2012 Oracle Excellence Award for Specialized Partner of the Year -North America to key partners who are:

Partner: Category:
KPI Partners BI Applications
Apex IT Customer Relationship Management
Infosys Limited Financial Management/EPM
Infosys Limited Human Capital Management Solution
Deloitte Consulting LLP Supply Chain Management & Manufacturing
Deloitte Consulting LLP Global SI Apps Momentum
KPIT Reg SI/Reseller Apps Momentum
Cloud Creek Systems, Inc. Database and Clustering
eVerge Group / Fadel Partners, Inc Comms, Media & Entertainment
Deloitte Consulting LLP Consumer & Retail
Rolta Education
PwC Financial Services
PwC Health & Life Sciences
Deloitte Consulting LLP Manufacturing & Distribution
Deloitte Consulting LLP Oil & Gas
TechDemocracy Public Sector
ADI Strategies Services
Accenture Utilities
PwC Industry Momentum
MarketSphere Consulting, LLC BI and Data Warehousing
Deloitte Consulting LLP Cloud Computing
TechDemocracy Integration and SOA
PwC Security & Identity Management
Keste WebCenter
Accenture GSI Technology momentum
Predictive Technologies, Inc. Reg SI/Reseller Tech Momentum
Cintra Software & Services Oracle Data Appliance
Cloud Creek Systems, Inc. Oracle-on-Oracle
Maplesoft Technology Server and Storage
Accenture Engineered Systems Momentum
Maplesoft Technology Hardware Momentum

Through this listing, we can find out who is who and what they are doing in the OPN.

This tells me that if you are an expert in specific enterprise business domain, it maybe a good idea to partner with Oracle to up-sell technologies to your existing market.

Jimmy Cheah, Oracle Malaysia Country Manager said that Oracle is actively recruiting new partners particularly those with industry knowledge to join the value-creation ecosystem.

“Oracle is the pioneer of the cloud, you can’t build cloud without Oracle,” said Judson Althoff in reference to Network Computer which was pioneered by Oracle, collaborating with Sun Microsystems and IBM for hardware. Nonetheless, Oracle wasn’t the first to evangelist on the concept of cloud which was made popular by Google who had hope to own the web space in order to compete with rival Microsoft by transforming computing processes from desktop to the cloud.

Anyway, this was yesterday’s story as everybody has already embraced cloud in a full fledged manner including Microsoft.

Good luck making big bucks with Oracle!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

2nd Annual Red Hat Challenge 2012 to open to regional students in APAC

Red Hat, Inc., the world's leading provider of open source solutions, today announced the second regional Red Hat Challenge, a knowledge-based technology competition aimed at students from China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan. The competition begins on 2 November 2012 and the top two finalists from each country will travel to Beijing to take part in the final round on 15 December 2012.

In keeping with this year’s theme of “For the students, by the students”, the platform that will be used to test that participating students’ knowledge is built by a Singaporean engineering student. Lim Guo Wei, from Singapore Polytechnic, designed and coded the application on OpenShift, Red Hat’s free, auto-scaling Platform as a Service (PaaS) for applications. The theme was chosen to represent the empowerment of students through Open Source.

The competition will be open to all full-time students from any university, polytechnic or private school in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan. Each contestant will be tested on Red Hat Enterprise Linux system administration, network administration, security administration and virtualization tasks.

“Following the positive response from our inaugural Red Hat Challenge last year, we’ve decided to scale up and open the contest to more students from the region” said Sachin Shridhar, Senior Director, Services, Red Hat Asia Pacific. “This year’s theme of ‘For the students, by the students’ is an extension of collaborative innovation. We believe that this framework, which is built on sharing ideas and driving innovation amongst users, goes beyond developers, IT professionals and enterprises. We want to show that students also play an important role in open source communities.”

The importance of nurturing the next generation of IT professionals is driven by the growing demand for IT professionals, particularly those who possess the skills to work in Open Source environments. According to a recently released 2012 Linux Jobs Report by the Linux foundation, 81 per cent companies have indicated that hiring Linux talent is a priority in 2012. In Asia, this percentage is even higher, with 86 per cent of companies indicating that hiring Linux talent is a top priority.

“We are confident that the Asia Pacific region will continue seeing an increasing demand for individuals who have the relevant IT skills to help companies transition and leverage on new and emerging technologies,” added Shridhar. “This competition is part of our commitment to help grow and shape the next generation of IT professionals in the region.”

The regional Red Hat Challenge includes three stages:

Stage 1 (2 November 2012) – Conducted online, this speed round would require each student to answer up to 118 multiple choice questions, on over 20 topics, in 60 minutes. The top 20 students from each country will be selected to move to the second stage.

Stage 2 (Starting 12 November 2012) – Each of the top 20 students in each country will visit the Red Hat office nearest to his or her residence for an in-person interview with a Red Hat Certified Instructor. Each student must resolve three different problem scenarios presented by the Red Hat Certified Instructor. The results will be scored, and the top two students from each country will move on to the final round of competition.

Stage 3 (15 December 2012) – The top two students from each country will travel to Beijing to compete with one another in an open book competition on virtualization.

Visit the following website:

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Interviews with Malaysian Youtubers

As the IT world expands itself rapidly, it has managed to change entertainment and also create a new media landscape in the digital world. By just keying in key words, all kinds of information, images and videos can be found online on all sorts of platforms.

These days, cinema operators and film makers are also finding it challenging with the emergence of YouTube, whilst conventional print publications are fighting to stay ahead in news reporting with online media. It has also changed many individuals’ lives as they learn to fully utilise these modern IT tools available to them as their means to communicate to an audience out there. These individuals whom are called YouTubers, have also managed to make a career out of this new platform with a steady following of fans.

  • Founded by Roy Ajong and Jared Lee
  • It all started with the love of transforming imagination into film
  • Top 10 finalist of BMW Shorties 2011 (The Long Distance Relationship). Invited to screen 'The Long Distance Relationship' at Germany's 58th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen.

  • A graduate in graphic designs and multimedia from the Universiti of Teknologi Mara.
  • Began uploading videos on YouTube since 2006, developed KYO propanganda later in 2010.
  • Was the first YouTuber to attain a partnership from official youtube.
  • He started from scratch and didn’t even have a camera when he began. He then I borrowed a DSLR camera from friends and began his filming journey
  • Produces Youtube commercial videos, parodies and viral videos, music video, event videos and campaign videos.
  • PRO 10. I'm more into PARODY style because most of Malaysian youtuber are into vlogging and there was no Malaysian Parody Youtuber when I started

  • Malaysian kid who is passionate about film making
  • Produces Youtube short films with a variety of themes

  • An avid YouTuber,
  • Keen on trying new things
  • Also has a band called Skyward.

  • Take thoughts and turn it into YouTube videos
  • Develop Youtube videos highly relevant to lifestyle and current happenings.

Q & A:

1. Reason to be a Youtuber ?

a. what is the fun/potential do you see in “Youtube market”?
b. what makes you became a “youtuber” ?

Grim – Jared : The “Long” hit 406,722views – feel happy – also a reason & force for them to be a “youtuber”. Since young like to make story out from toys, talking & fighting each other; now I write them on paper. But to write a book – longer time & process – filming is faster and more fun.

JG- Germani: like to share and act. Wish to be actor if possible, but currently there is no invitation from production house…

2. Youtube Market & audience

a. What is the potential you see in the “youtube market”? (could be commercial/ personal/ emotional…) whoever like to watch our video – through the comment, knows viewers are abroad – feel happy & proud
b. Do you cross over with other “youtuber”’s video? Yes. Sometimes they act in each other video – there was a collaboration with other Youtubers, namely “OMG (On Malaysia Grounds)”

3. Business Aspect

a. Where do you get the production cost? Not cost, volunteer actors. Sometime approach strangers if they willing to cast in their video – the respond is good – some drop them message to hbe volunteer. – base on the story to look for shooting venue – sponsor. – with basic shooting equipment.

Dan: good to start from less resources – learn the hard way to make things done – so they appreciate when things grow later.

Grim-Jared: if do not get the right scene for venue, they will make changes/readjust the storyline.

b. Do you make money through Youtube? How?

Grim –Jared: At the moment we are not yet, but it is possible when:

i. Client likes your video style - partnership with client to produce a video message on client’s services/products
ii. the subscribership - Client want to use you platform to send out message, e.g advertise, announce Other Youtuber like they have ads placement on video, like Kyopropaganda, Dan Khoo

c. How to advertise / market your clip in “Youtube”, as your video is just another video in the “Youtube” video bank.

JGermani : no special A&P/publicity…. Just share in FB, twiter, people will share it out if they like….

All agreed that video with Love element sells – because it is a common thing and it relates to audience’s experience. Other genre like humor & horror is welcome too. But action may not suitable in youtube - has many technical details to take care.

4. Legal matter

a. Does “youtube” have copyright / censorship issue the video clip? Experience…

There is no censorship issue so far and they try not to touch on sensitive topic like religion.

JGermani : Youtube will take action on your account if someone complaint on your videos, they may take down your video or close your account. I was uploaded a video with YOUTUBE logo & FB logo appear together – that account been took down and not accessible anymore.
There are T&C to follow when you sign up youtube account.

G Jared : we will put credit /notation on sources that we borrow/use, but very seldom. We ask people to produce music for us.

*Grim & Ming Thing have own band

b. Opinion on : Is “viral” media infringing the copyright ?

--> no direct respond on this…

Why media content go viral in youtube

c. What are the key element(s) makes it viral?

JGErmani : Viral element-> fun/worth to share, it is in human nature to share things.

i. Can “viral media” be produced? Or it is just meant for amateur ?

All: Yes, we know some agency out there is doing it …. But we don’t really concentrate on that - just do the content that we like – if considering will it viral – it constrain the creativity & story


All of them wanted to change and contribute the local media industry – from the digital media aspect – and they are inspired by Yasmin Ahamad.

G Jared: People look at youtubers as unprofessional compare to the production house - sometimes even have client request for a video client tend to press their price low.


Grim video – Mainly English, a bit Malay content
Dan & JGermani – English, Malay, & minority Chinese content

(L-R) Joseph Germani, Dan Khoo, Roy Ajong, Jared 


Grim – Jared : age 27, Fr Kedah
Grim – Roy Ajong: age 22, Sarawak
JGermani – age 21, KL
Dan Khoo – 26, KL

Friday, October 12, 2012

Oct 2012 Week 2 Happenings - BYOD issue, Hitachi Unified Compute Platform,NetBackup 5220 and Backup Exec 3600, Blue Coat Web Security Report 2012, Change to 4G Mobile

Kaspersky Lab - 42% of Laptop Owners Use Them Both for Work and For Leisure

According to a survey conducted by O+K Research for Kaspersky Lab, many users see no difference between their personal data and work-related information and often store both on one device. 42% of respondents use laptops provided by an employer or purchased themselves for both work and personal tasks.

The survey shows that 27% of Apple owners and 25% of other laptop owners use their mobile devices for work. A personal laptop which is not reliably protected from cyber-threats as well as a corporate laptop used for personal purposes could cause a leak of confidential company data. If compromised, a personal device used for work can cause problems across the entire corporate network.

In order to control the use of personal devices for work-related purposes it is necessary to implement a unified corporate security policy and to use appropriate protection solutions. Kaspersky Open Space Security provides reliable protection for corporate user devices – whether they are desktop or mobile - and offers centralized administration of security policies.

The full version of the O+K Research report..

Brocade Fabric Switches to Provide Networking Support for New Hitachi Unified Compute Platform

Brocade announced that several of its Ethernet and storage area networking (SAN) fabric switches have been integrated by Hitachi Data Systems for networking technology in the new Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) converged infrastructure solutions, which were announced today. Brocade is delivering both top-of-rack switches as well as embedded server switches based on Fibre Channel and Ethernet technologies, reinforcing the company’s leadership in its ability to offer comprehensive data center networking solutions for critical IT and service provider environments.

Specifically, Brocade® Ethernet and SAN fabric products have been designed into Hitachi UCP pre-validated reference solutions and integrated turnkey solutions, which are built with world-class Hitachi storage and servers. The solutions are designed to offer customers the ultimate choice and flexibility to support industry-leading hypervisor, database and application environments, including Citrix, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and VMware. The Brocade products that will be offered through Hitachi UCP are:

  • Brocade VDX® 6720 Switch for Ethernet fabrics
  • Brocade VDX 6746 Embedded Switch for Ethernet fabrics
  • Brocade 6510 Switch for Fibre Channel SAN fabrics
  • Brocade 5460 Embedded Switch for Fibre Channel SAN fabrics

Taking data center network simplicity, efficiency and resiliency to a new scale, the Brocade VDX standalone and embedded Ethernet fabric switches deliver a radically simplified data center network for Hitachi UCP converged infrastructure solutions. Designed specifically for highly virtualized environments, Ethernet fabrics built on Brocade VCS® Fabric technology accelerate application deployment and enable faster virtual machine (VM) migrations through zero-touch VM discovery, VM mobility and VM port configuration migration. Using VCS fabrics, Hitachi UCP customers can manage up to dozens of switches as a single logical device, dramatically reducing operational costs. They can also save installation time as new switches self-provision when they are connected to the fabric.

Symantec Modernises Data Protection with Integrated Backup and Deduplication Appliances

Symantec Corp. announced updates to its backup appliances, NetBackup 5220 and Backup Exec 3600, which now include the latest NetBackup 7.5 and Backup Exec 2012 software from Symantec announced earlier this year. The new appliances deliver on Symantec’s Better Backup for All initiative to advance what Gartner has called “The Broken State of Backup1.”

For many customers, the challenges with protecting virtual and physical servers have been caused by the proliferation of as many as seven different backup solutions in a single environment and the integration problems between the hardware and software - using appliances will solve the problem.

Lim Wen Woan, Symantec’s senior manager for regional product marketing, Asia Pacific said, “Symantec’s backup appliances are unique to the market. While many solutions require the IT team to integrate multiple solutions for tape, disk, dedupe, physical, virtual snapshots and backup, Symantec appliances are typically installed in less than 30 minutes and deliver integrated hardware, software and dedupe storage, providing customers with simplicity and performance from one vendor.”

Pricing and Availability

Symantec NetBackup 5220 and Backup Exec 3600 appliances are now available in Malaysia. For more information.

Blue Coat Web Security Report 2012

The Blue Coat Web Security Report 2012 that has just been released.
  • The number of malnets on the Internet has tripled over the six months from 500 to more than 1,500 with attacks now averaging 3.4 million per day.
  • These malnets are driving a vicious cycle through which end-user systems are infected with botnet-producing Trojans and then used to launch new attacks that will drive users to malware.
  • Email remained the second most popular entry point into malnets, confirming that the ease with which it can be exploited makes it useful for driving users to malware. Email, via spam attacks, is also one of the leading ways in which botnet-infected computers are used as part of the vicious cycle.
  • Shutting down malnets is incredibly difficult largely because the components of a malnet are scattered around the world – protection through dispersion. Components can easily be moved to target users in specific countries or in search of friendly hosting providers that are willing to overlook suspicious activities.
  • The Aleuron botnet grew 517% in six months, surpassing Zeus as the most active botnet in the wild.

The full report.

P1 - To Change or Not to Change to 4G

Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (“P1”), South East Asia’s leading 4G broadband provider launched a new consumer campaign themed, Tukar Tak Tukar. The campaign aims to get 3G users looking for new broadband services to seriously consider P1’s latest 4G promotion plans which give significantly more usage quota and attractive rebates.

Shirley Ah Yong, P1 Brand & Marketing Director said, “The Tukar Tak Tukar campaign intends to get Malaysians thinking about change in relation to their broadband experience. We want all 3G users to give some thoughts to how P1’s 4G broadband can enhance their broadband experience and give them better value for their money.”

A key highlight of the campaign is P1’s collaboration with five local popular YouTubers; Grim Film, KYO Propaganda, Dan Khoo Productions, The Ming Thing TV and Joseph Germani to produce six entertaining videos on “change.” These videos will be launched on P1’s Tukar Tak Tukar micro-site over six consecutive weeks starting on 12 October.

P1 is offering contract subscribers 100GB more usage quota and a free dect phone for their ForHome™ or combo OnePlan™: Its mid to high ToGo™ plans have uncapped 4G speed and comes with a free 4G MiFi (personal WiFi device). On top of it all, subscribers to all of P1’s mid to high 4G plans will enjoy a bonus RM200 rebate.

To view the viral videos and to find out more about P1’s latest year-end promotions, please visit

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fujitsu Provides Solutions for Everything ?

You know what, I am really getting tired of hearing cloud computing, but today at Fujitsu Day 2012 press conference, it is happening again.

Yes, Fujitsu is offering cloud solution and everything.. bla bla bla...

They are partnering with big boys like Microsoft, Symantec, Cisco to provide cloud computing solution that covers everything from infrastructure to application.... something like Symantec provides the security, Cisco provides the network, Microsoft provide … whatever makes you happy.

And writing article is getting harder because everybody is selling the same thing. C’mon guys, can you be more innovative ?

I feel as if I have written the best article in my life and I need to take a long break from mentioning cloud computing, big data, BYOD and oh man SECURITY…

When I was in Oracle Open World 2012, I had the chance of being up-close with Fujitsu’s Noriyuki Toyoki, Fujitsu Limited Corporate Senior Vice President.

Toyoki San gave a keynote about Human-Centric Intelligent Society, big data and globalization - Fujitsu was the golden sponsor for Oracle OpenWorld 2012.

It is also in partnership with Oracle to collaborate in many things such as developing a new generation of SPARK microprocessor by moving software function into silicon which is known as software on chip which is kind of like using the hardware to assist the software.

And let me explain Human-Centric Intelligent Society. To the extreme, it is a concept of a perfect world where there is a solution for everything and human co-exists with technology in the sense of achieving Utopia – one can fix liver damage through Fujitsu advanced healthcare capsule in the home. In practical sense, it is a concept similar to IBM smart planet which is about living life to the fullest and to co-exist with the nature supplemented by technologies. That sounds better right ?

So, forget about Oracle Open World 2012.

During the press conference, Craig Baty, CTO of Fujitsu Australia and NZ mentioned a few things that caught my attention.

Fujitsu is a big company with a lot of technologies to sell such as the K Computer supercomputer. The K computer is based on a distributed memory architecture, with over 80,000 computer nodes. It is intended to have a variety of applications, including climate research, disaster prevention and medical research. If you really want to buy…

First of all, Mr. Craig mentioned that Fujitsu wants to listen to what customers say and address to their needs on case by case basis.

Secondly, he mentioned that Internet of Things is going to be very big and exciting phenomenon where ultimately everything will be online which include the chicken that you are going to eat. Why would anyone want to do that ? Didn’t he know that vegetable is uncountable noun ? Do we really want to ID a Broccoli ? Why not if you want to make countable.

Thirdly, he mentioned about Shadow IT which is a phenomenon in which end users make use of computer system which are not approved by the organizations. This really excites me because for one I agree with him that it is going to rock and secondly this is something for startups to prosper. It is also part of consumerization of IT where consumers are blessed with plenty of options to choose the solution that they need and they can make their own purchases without having the organizations to approve it because they can afford it. For instance, a marketing manager wants to do some big data analysis and while waiting for CIO to select and approve a specific vendor to provide for enterprise-wide solution, he or she can make use of any potential free ones from the Internet or just to pay for a 1 user/month license.

Coming fourth is the evolution of CIOs’ job scope which is getting more challenging and wider. There is no right and wrong answer except that CIOs now will have to deal with more things and read more blogs to understand what is happening out there so that he or she can someone bring the craziness of ICT evolution to a certain degree of control within his or her organization. Most part of the challenges will be related to security and integration with cloud applications and social media. These are new challenges to the conventional CIO’s job scope which include IT-alignment and technology advantage for business growth.

Personally, I don’t think a CIO can handle so many things, they need the help of bloggers to inform them what is the right thing to do.

The fifth thing he mentioned was the Cloud store where Fujitsu invites developers to submit their cloud based application into their ecosystem. This concept is similar to Apple’s AppStore.

Moving to Malaysia’s perspective, Mr. Charles Lew, President of Fujitsu Malaysia shared that under his leadership, Fujitsu is preaching new technologies to Malaysia particularly to the public and financial sector. Potential projects include those in the educational sector and consolidation of data centres.

Another thing which I just taken note about Mr. Charles Lew is the fact that he is a computer science graduate who is also a certified public accountant and he had been a consulting partner with Deloitte & Touche. That is kind of unique.

Craig also reminded us that it was Fujitsu who invented the first tablet, not Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs invented iPhone and Nokia invented smartphone while Microsoft invented Windows and not operating system but it was Apple who invented GUI. The list goes on…

Therefore, Fujitsu has all the capability that you need to solve technical problems including invention of the K Computer.

Finally, Craig concluded that the ultimate vision is having digital world under-pins the physically world.

(L-R) Charles Lew, President of Fujitsu Malaysia, Craig Baty, CTO of Fujitsu Australia & NZ during the press conference.

Fujitsu provides solutions for everything ?

Not really... They want to be the integrator of all solutions for all kind of problems in the world to their ecosystem; the Human-Centric Intelligent Society. Got it ?

More information on Fujitsu Day 2012. And if you still want to know more about how capable Fujitsu is, check out the web site.

You know what, let’s go for dinner.

FYI: Craig Baty, CTO of Fujitsu Australia and NZ said he likes to eat Satay. Whatever makes him happy.

Smart Sourcing Summit 2012 - Meet all the top guns

Outsourcing Malaysia presented the fifth Smart Sourcing Summit that took place today 10 October, 2012 at Royale Chulan Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

An annual event, the 2-day summit features several renowned prominent speakers such as YB Senator Dato’ Idris Jala, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office and CEO of PEMANDU; Mr. Michael Warren, Director of Global Sourcing Cluster, MDeC; and Encik Zulfiqar Zainuddin, Senior Vice President, Investment, of Iskandar Investment Berhad. International speakers include S. Swaminathan, the Managing Director & CEO of Infosys BPO; Anna Daroy, Consultant at Daroy Consultancy; and Martin Conboy, the President of Australian BPO Association. The speakers will share insightful presentations on Malaysia’s responsiveness to market expectations, trends in global sourcing and strategic approaches to going global.

During the opening ceremony by YB Datuk Seri Dr. S. Subramaniam, Outsourcing Malaysia also unveiled their new logo in conjunction with the launch of the annual Smart Sourcing Summit. This year’s theme, ‘Leapfrogging Competition: From Local to Global’, is quite apt due to the fact that as the sourcing industry takes the leap to go global, many complexities with technologies and services are coming to the fore that need to be addressed.

Usual Suspects

What I like about this summit is networking and opportunity to get to know all the usual suspects of the outsourcing industry, particularly those in the BPO services industry.

The participants are:
  • Iskandar Malaysia
  • IIOM (International Institute for Outsource Management)
  • Cuscapi
  • Daroy Consultants & Company Advisors Ltd
  • VADS BPO Berhad
  • Mesiniaga Alliances
  • The IA Group
  • PwC Advisors
  • Australian BPO Association
  • Matryzel Consulting
  • Infosys BPO
  • Manpower
  • K-Workers MDeC
  • Sunway Group
  • Talent Search
  • Penang Services Advisory (PSAP)
  • Basisbay
  • HDC
  • CSC
  • iProperty Group
  • IPServerOne


And they are here to talk about topics like:
  • Malaysia as a preferred location for business
  • Social-economical trends on outsourcing business
  • Brand management
  • vertical centricity
  • Friendly competition
  • Common sense and responsibilities
  • Talent management
  • Going global
  • Data centres technologies and offerings

Opportunities in Malaysia

“There are tremendous opportunities to capitalize on the industry’s potential and tap into market intelligence on the demand drivers to surge ahead on the industry’s hottest trends. This is in line with the National Key Economic Areas (NKEA). Business Services was identified as one of the NKEA’s with 6 Entry Point Projects (EPP), where EPP 2- aims to Build Globally- competitive outsources and EPP 3 - Positioning Malaysia as a world-class data centre hub.“ as mentioned by David Wong, Chairman of Outsourcing Malaysia.

Programs carried out under the NKEA – Business Services Entry Point Project (EPP) 2 include the Score + Acceleration Program. This program includes company valuation seminars, branding and marketing seminars, global markets SIR seminars, Government relations seminars; Malaysian grants programs, and property and infrastructure seminars. These programs cover various topics including how to better understand global SSO opportunities and engagements, how to communicate value propositions clearly and how to better understand the various sources of funding in Malaysia.

Sourcing services is a big industry in which prominent business activities include IT services, shared services and business process outsorcing (BPO), regional headquarters, research and development (R&D), training and environmental management.

Malaysia ranks top 3 as the preferred location for Shared Services & Outsourcing (SSO) where big companies such as ACS, BMW, DHL, HSBC, IBM, Intel, Motorola, Nokia, Shell, Unisys and over 130 Shared Services & Outsourcing companies in MSC Malaysia are responsible for establishment of over 250 call centres in the country to date.

This outsourcing industry is estimated to worth US $ 1.6 billion in year 2012 and projected to be worth US $1.9 billion by 2013.

It is a great place to network with the top guns and establish great business relationships. Personally, I consider this as a very high-end and prestigious business function. Do check it out next year if you are still in business!

For more details, check out Malaysia Technology News.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More than 40,000 Malaysian Small Business Professionals on LinkedIn

Have you tried out LinkedIn Groups ? LinkedIn Company Page ? LinkedIn Product & Services ?

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network with more than 175 million members worldwide, has released new data about its popularity among small business professionals in Asia Pacific (APAC).

Malaysia ranks seventh in APAC, with 43,536 members who are small-business professionals. Small-business professionals in Malaysia mainly work in the following sectors: service industry, manufacturing, construction, agriculture and mining & quarrying.

LinkedIn looked at how many small business professionals are already LinkedIn members and their data revealed that globally there are 15,222,964 LinkedIn members who are currently small-business professionals.

In APAC, the top-ten countries with the most small business professionals on LinkedIn are:
  • India (There are 1,012,058 LinkedIn members in India who are small business professionals.)
  • China (There are 186,384 LinkedIn members in China who are small business professionals.)
  • Pakistan (There are 86,816 LinkedIn members in Pakistan who are small business professionals.)
  • Singapore (There are 66,562 LinkedIn members in Singapore who are small business professionals.)
  • Philippines (There are 61,957 LinkedIn members in Philippines who are small business professionals.)
  • Indonesia (There are 55,220 LinkedIn members in Indonesia who are small business professionals.)
  • Malaysia (There are 43,536 LinkedIn members in Malaysia who are small business professionals.)
  • Hong Kong (There are 39,364 LinkedIn members in Hong Kong who are small business professionals.)
  • Japan (There are 33,329 LinkedIn members in Japan who are small business professionals.)
  • Taiwan (There are 28, 296 LinkedIn members in Taiwan who are small business professionals.)

“Small business professionals leverage LinkedIn in a myriad of creative ways,” said Tara Commerford, LinkedIn’s Head of Communications for Australia, New Zealand & Southeast Asia. “Not only do they leverage the site to make critical hires, but they also use LinkedIn Groups like “mini conferences” where they can learn more about various subjects like advertising and public relations.”

Here are a few of the ways that small business professionals can use the professional network to their advantage:

Your work can’t always speak for itself. Remind your employees to spread the word about your business. Growing a small business from scratch is daunting, so surround yourself with loyal employees who will help you expand. Encourage your employees to thoroughly complete their LinkedIn Profiles, so prospective clients know you’ve hired high-calibre experts.

Make sure your company is listed – and we’re not talking about in the phone book or on Bursa Malaysia Stock Exchange. Over two million companies have a LinkedIn Company Page – does yours? LinkedIn Company Pages not only provide key statistics about your business and who’s interested in it, for free, but they also help you keep track of the competition. When you follow a competitor’s LinkedIn Company Page, you can find out what talent is joining, and leaving, those companies.

Maintain a happy customer base online. A happy customer can be an influential advocate for your brand. In the digital world, it’s all about receiving positive online feedback. Add a free Products & Services tab to your LinkedIn Company Page and ask your customers to write your business a recommendation. Building out this page on LinkedIn will help prospective customers find you.

Find out where other countries fell in LinkedIn’s small business professional ranking and download a map with the top small business hot spots on LinkedIn’s Blog.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Clip2box Apps Provides Solution for Mobile Browsing Bookmarking

Available worldwide from today, clip2box is a Productivity App that helps iPad users save webclip or an entire web page into their Box account. This app has been developed by Wisdomleaf Technologies. Box is a prominent cloud storage provider offering 5GB to 50Gb free storage space.

  • Clip text, images and video from the web into Box account
  • BookMarklet feature enables easy clipping while using Safari browser
  • Save it as you like it: Webclips can be saved in the original HTML source format or as plain text
  • Folders can be created in Box account to organize webclips
  • Share saved clips with friends through email
clip2box is refreshingly easy to use. Webclip or the entire web page can be saved from any browser.

Select content to clip Save it as you like it/Share clips BookMarklet for Safari

The BookMarklet feature enables easy clipping from Safari browser. Users can seamlessly switch between Safari and clip2box.

clip2box is useful to Enterprise, Business and Personal users.

With cloud storage support provided by Box, users can now access their clips anytime, anywhere.

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