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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Plus Available to Order from RS Components

RS Components (RS), the trading brand of Electrocomponents plc, the global distributor for engineers, today announced that the next-generation Raspberry Pi 2 credit-card-sized single-board computer from the Raspberry Pi Foundation is now available to order at

Building upon the massive success of the first generation Raspberry Pi, and targeting consumers, businesses and educators, the new Raspberry Pi 2 Model B has significantly upgraded capabilities, with faster processor cores and a doubling in memory capacity to 1GB.

Raspberry Pi 2 incorporates the Broadcom BCM2836 application processor, containing a powerful ARM Cortex-A7 quad-core CPU running at 900MHz. This new processor makes the Raspberry Pi 2 more than six times more powerful than the first generation Raspberry Pi Model B+.

The board layout, multimedia subsystem and peripherals remain fully compatible with the Raspberry Pi Model B+, including the use of the extensive 40-pin GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) connector, four USB ports and an efficient switching power supply.

The Raspberry Pi Model B+ is a next-Generation Low-Cost Computer Board Multiplies Performance, credit-card sized computer board that's up and running when a keyboard, mouse, display, PSU and MicroSD card with installed OS are added.

Hence, it is suitable as a prototyping platform for IoT and robotic devices that are not 100% controller based.

Controller based is referring to embedded application and hardware where the core processing logic happens at the server running the software which controls a controller board by reading the inputs and feeding the output I/Os - conventional controller board has lower CPU and memory capability.

With next-generation controller board, the industry is moving towards controller board which depends less on processing power from the PC.

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