Malaysia taking a big leap

Have you ever wonder, when would Malaysia be able to go to the space or ever have a nobel price winner or things like that ?

Malaysia, for many reasons is a unique country. Not for its food but for its dynamism. In fact, it has more miracles than Singapore, because many things are not expected while the expected don't actually deliver.

For instance, this is a country where you can find Engineers who can't fix anything at all. You have mechanical engineers who can't fix or troubleshoot a refrigerator, a double E engineer who can't design electronic circuit and civil engineer who can't built a hut for its dog. They do have a good grade their degrees and that is about it.

Also, there are tonnes of I.T graduates who can't even do computer programmings and many don't know how to fix a PC at all. Some of them can't do a web page but they are working as I.T managers. Some hard core programmers don't know anything about bloggings and what worst you have MCSE who doesn't even know how to setup a network.

So, things like these are really common here and there is no need to find out why. Probably not because they don't know, but they just not interested at all to get their hand dirty. So it is kind of like a bit weird. It is a big big attitude problem.

The point to the fact is that there is just not enough universities around. There are only 8 public universities in the whole Malaysia and 4 private universities and many university college and tonnes of colleges.

Personally I feel that it is just not enough, with the government lowering the quota for high school examinations, the infrastructures are just not holding up. People have to pay to get private education and thus they became ROI-hungry. To them doing engineering is not important but getting a job that pays well is important, because they have invested so much. U know what I am saying ? If the government fails to recognize this fact, we will never ever move on.

On the contrary manner, you seen people with fantastic attitude, such as those doing MLM on the streets right up mid-night (this can be argue) and also there are people willing to pay RM8K for certification such as CFP and etc. Now this is what I meant by the expected don't deliver while the unexpected surprises you!

I guess we got to be doing things in an incremental manner. You have to do it A-B-C-D and not jumping from A to D. This is the kind of mindset Malaysian have, they just can't wait to be successful. They don't appreciate doing solid and fundamental R & D, the so called R&D in Malaysia is merely trying out other's people work, such as testing out Java Robot API and etc.

While many tech firm would rather spend money on Indian programmers to quickly get things done so that they can start selling something, nobody is actually going anywhere.

It really takes great courage to have the right footage in Malaysia.

We are got to start from the fundamental. Before we can talk about A.I, we got to be able to create something as good as Macromedia Dreamweaver MX. That is what I mean by fundamentals.


Anonymous said…
Yes I agree, Malaysia is a place where the expected just doesn't happen, and the unexpected suprises all.

Look at the internet (Web services), we were once quite advance developers probably ahead of Singapore, but once the government decided we need to get organize set down some "game plan" ala MSC, somehow along the way we were superseeded by others that had more substance than the vapourware we end ou producing.

--Old Man
Anonymous said…
Yah, you are right. Being a foreigner here in Malaysia for last two years I have seen many things up and down. What I expected and heard is not all true, I mean lot of them not true. I don't deny the fact that Malaysia has good Infrastructure, but as it is pointed out by most of people mentality of third quality.
Anonymous said…
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