The value of marketing

Google is able to make so much last year... USD 381.2 million and I would attribute it to the power of marketing in its ability to create values towards a brand, a product and hence company.

We don't see any Google salesman around Malaysia urging people to search the Internet so that it would get the advertisers fired-up.

In other words, the best way to make money is to let the product(s) sell by itself. And how we do that, that is through marketing.

Apple WWDC 2006:

Apple recently organized WWDC 2006 and at the keynote address, its CEO Steve Jobs did his best with marketing efforts.

1.33 million of Macs were sold last quarter... and this is evident how much profit Apple computers is generating because they have been selling the same concept of product called the Macs for many years. And it keeps selling and gaining more market shares. That is how they make money.

Fighting with Microsoft:

And it is interesting that they are teaming up with Intel for next generation performance processors.

For instance, during the keynote, Philip W. Shiller (SVP of Worldwide Product Marketing) announced two major products; Mac Pro and Mac Xserv both using Intel Xeon processor.

The Mac Pro has got a 64-bit architecture and 4 hard drives capability with potential storage of up to 2 terabytes data.

Now, it is interesting to me that why Apple chose to work with Intel totally, putting off IBM PowerPC. I would like to guess that one of the reason is the inability of IBM PowerPC to innovate faster compared to Intel. That is fair, secondly I really believe that they do it in order to capitalize on Microsoft market.

Microsoft has been leveraging on Intel for the success of its business. Of course, Intel needs Microsoft in terms of software innovation to pull through the sales of its new innovation, otherwise why do we need more computing power when there is no new software application ?

With the existence of this arrangement for many years, end-users have been, literally get used to the idea that Microsoft is Intel and vice versa. So, even when Microsoft fails to live up to expectations, such as the delay of Windows Vista for many years, Intel duo-core and other innovations will still save the day.

knowing this, Apple is quick to capitalize the situation, partnering with Intel since last year (2005) and had since perform a total switched-over of all its products from Power-PC.

The good thing here is that users who are not too satisfied with Microsoft software platform but are strong fans of Intel may have the option to switch over to Apple platform. Simple. Period.


The keynote also introduced 10 new features of the new Mac X OS codename Leopard. One of the features is known as time-machine.

Time-machine is essentially an intelligence technology which will just keep track of every single changes happening to all files, configurations and etc.

And its application is for backup automation.

For instance, if you had accidentally deleted some files or lost them due to corruptions, with the ability of time-machine, you will never lose those files. But then, there must be a way to distable time-machine for certain things such as secrets and lies.

Then again, congratulation to Steve Jobs and Apple for enlighting us with great technology movements.


Brandon Teoh said…
Microsoft first released Windows XP on October 25, 2001. and ever since, had been planning to release Vista, then called longhorn.

Finally, Vista is scheduled to be released by 2007.

A five years wait.. Intel must have been furious and thus Apple took the opportunity to form partnership with the former.