NVIDIA Powers Digital Dashboard in New Tesla Motors Electric Sedan

When the highly anticipated Tesla Motors Model S electric sedan makes its debut Friday, so will the NVIDIA® Tegra® Visual Computing Module (VCM).

Based on the same powerful Tegra processor used in smartphones and tablets, the Tegra VCM will power the vehicle's 17-inch touchscreen infotainment and navigation system -- the largest ever in a passenger car -- as well as its all-digital instrument cluster.

Tesla Motors is the first company to ship the Tegra VCM, enabling intuitive, interactive, high-resolution visuals inside its vehicles. For drivers, the system provides larger, more readable maps and a beautifully rendered instrument cluster that can be personalized from the multifunction steering wheel.

The Tegra VCM is a complete computing platform that delivers superb 3D graphics and multimedia capabilities as well as exceptional energy efficiency, a critical feature for all types of cars. The module provides automakers a highly cost-effective way to rapidly incorporate into vehicles the advanced technology customers are using in their consumer devices, but with a focus on safer operation by reducing the inherent driver distraction of handheld devices.

"To capture the interest of today's consumer, automakers must innovate well beyond the traditional transportation benefits of a car," said Thilo Koslowski, vice president and automotive practice leader at Gartner. "Automakers have to impress drivers with superior in-vehicle connectivity and interface experiences that leverage the best technology innovations available."

The Tegra VCM features the world's first mobile superchip, which integrates a multicore ARM CPU, an ultra-low-power NVIDIA GeForce® GPU and dedicated audio, video and image processors.

One Tegra VCM will power the Model S infotainment system, which features a 17-inch touchscreen with a customizable and intuitive user interface for music, phone, navigation, connected services and climate control.

A second Tegra module will drive the all-digital instrument cluster, which features a high-resolution, 12.3-inch LCD display and advanced 3D graphics that can be personalized based on each driver's preferences.

Since forming its automotive business unit in 2004, NVIDIA has shipped processors in or won future designs in more than 20 brands of vehicles across 100-plus models.


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