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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Installing MSSQL Together With Software Application

You want to install MSSQL and your software application together in the same installer without having to run through separate installers (in a Windows environment). You intended to run the installation from a CD where users only have to click once.

So, how do you invoke the MSSQL installer from other installer ? Assuming that you are using Visual Studio Installer to build the installer for your software application, you can't.

You can't even run batch file (*.bat file) from it.

You have to resort to either of the followings:

  1. Custom made installer.
  2. Using installation studio which supports custom scripts such as Wise Installation Studio. (Which is not free)

The best solution that I could figure out is:

To invoke the MSSQL installer using command prompt.

Check it out..

MSSQL 2005
MSSQL 2008

It works, you can put the script inside a batch file.

And instead of trying to use the installer for your software application to invoke the batch file, you can actually invoke everything from a batch file (including your software application installer).

Thus, the content of your eventual installation CD would look like the following.

The content of SetupTAS.bat is:

Or download it from here.

So, the idea is to run everything from command prompt with scripts in a batch file. Use the 'osql' utility to execute T-SQL scripts from command prompt.

Also, you can download the ISO image of the example shown above from here.

Other Issues:
  • You may want to create a custom installer to execute the batch file (SetupTAS.bat) because you don't want to expose end-users with the 'sa' password. You may also want to compress the batch file and T-SQL scripts into a zip file and password protect it.
  • You may also want to disable Windows Users from having access to the database for extended security; allowing only 'sa' access.
  • You may also want to use the sac.exe utility to configure settings for the database instance installed.
  • You may also want to perform a check on dotNetFramework version before process with installing MSSQL 2005 which requires at least version 2

Pretty neat huh ?

1 comment:

Brandon Teoh said...

check out the revised solution here (to work better with Windows Vista)