Information Auditing Software - Concept

i got one idea doing one simple software which i think can sell well (at cheap price too..)

it will be meant for information auditing.. where given a set of electronic documents (Excel, PDF, Email and etc..) the software will try to perform as much LINKAGE amongst information. Then it will generate a summary about what is happening; between either LINK, Broken-LINK, Cross-LINK, No-LINK...

For instance, a HD distrubution company has the following processes.
1. Take order from customer.
2. Make order to supplier(Maxtor).
3. Pay supplier's invoices.
4. Deliver order to customer.
5. Collection from customer.

These five processes will mainly involve many different documents in different formats. As different as the hand-writting of person in charge can be, they all have a common goal; Order = Money. In order words, there must be a closed-loop to each scenario which also means that there must be a way of identifying closed-loop using information given, such as serial number, model number, customer name and etc..

The software would be considered successful if it could determine the following sample analysis:
1. Product (Serial number XXX) not issued in D.O to company.
2. Product (Serial number XXX) being invoiced to company despite not stated in D.O
3. Product (Serial number XXX) sold to customer AAA.
4. Customer AAA returned back product (Serial number XXX) to Sales-person BBB.
5. Company invoiced customer AAA for product (Serial number XXX) before credit note is issued.
6. Sales-person D.O product (Serial number XXX) to Customer CCC.
7. Company invoived Customer CCC for product (Serial number XXX).
8. Customer CCC paid for the invoice.

When such things are identified, the business process can be evaluated and many things can then be followed-up. The software can also find out about typing mistake, spelling mistake and etc.

It would appeal to company managers and bosses whom wanted to find out what is happening at the back-stage hidden by ERP system where data are usually pampered-with for correctness.

to be continue...


Brandon Teoh said…
There is a similiar studies known as neural networks which is aimed to do the same feat and bigger..

the main purpose is to identify relations in data.
Brandon Teoh said…
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