3G is coming..

Maxis just announced plans to launch 3G service by first quarter 2005..

as they predicted, subscriber will be limited to those people with 3G enabled phone... which is around RM 1.7K.. very true, I am still using a less than RM 500 phone.. it would took me many months to be able to buy that kind of phone.

but I figure, what happen if the phone can replace PC or laptop as computering alternative.. such as web-based ERP system.. if this is possible, we can really introduce a whole lot of fun into web based system..as in there will be another brand new batch of customers coming into the picture.

for instance, shops which rely on paper system would become potential customers. For them to invest in a brand new phone with other benefits.. that is a whole new world of fun thingy..

contents will be king to everything.. when infrastructure is not a problem anymore.. Up to this point of time, there are plenty of ambitious people working hard to get the whole world connected, either via wireless or etc... when that becomes reality, the next wave would be content.


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