cloning your server..

previously, I did mentioned that it is quite hard to create a clone for your server such as Windows NT, 2k server and etc... that is why people are using those backup solutions from HP or Veritas... The following URL actually gave some answer.,1759,1193822,00.asp

basically it says u need the following:
1. Microsoft System Preparation Tool
2. Drive Image Enterprise Edition (7.0) or Ghost Enterprise Edition.

But then I thought, why cant use clone a server like cloning a PC.. then it came to my mind.. probably it is due to security.. When Symantec is creating a software for cloning, they probably need the software architecture blueprint from Microsoft.. and if Microsoft were to release the software blueprint for its server, this would make more trouble as more loophole would be known to the public. For instance, some Symantec software engineer would steal the information and give it to his friend who is a hacker and there you go.. So, that is why you need to wait until Ghost Version 7.0, quite a long time because before that Microsoft couldn't be sure that the blueprint that it is releasing to its partner will be secured in a manner. For those normal Windows version such as Windows 98, 2k or XP , security is not a big deal. besides that, Microsoft would be more than happy to have Symantec create a clone software to help the burden of its customer.


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