The Internet way ..

Recently on the news paper (sun), there is this news about 'Broadband TV Eyes Mesdaq', abt Internet based TV broadcast services by a company called Cuzzy. I am just wondering ... why the Internet ??

then i realized that the business model is cheaper... think about it, how much would a conventional broadcast station cost ? I think the criticcal point is the broadcasting channel... conventional one would required some sort of based station or etc.. with satellite dish and etc... with the Internet model, you just need some sort of application server and colocation with a data center. if not cheaper than normal web hosting business model, it would be not be more expensive than conventional TV broadcasting business model.

probably the quality might not be as good, this could be the reason why Berjaya MiTV is holding down its launching... the problems with 'packet' compared to "switching" in relation to bandwidth management is really a though choice to be made.


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