Karensoft Exec suite..

Flyer 1

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lite edition = RM399
standard edition = Rm899
Enterpricse edition= RM 2499

they are trying to sell to individual... this is good plan because instead of selling to company, we can sell to employee in the company... when these buyer found that the software is good, they will recommend the whole company to use it and thus they upgrade to enterprise edition.. this is actually a good business channel.

Karensoft Execsuite has so many features... even if i were to buy it, i dont think i would be using all of them.. unless it has a PDA version which i can synchronize between all PCs and laptop or a centralized database.. hmm.. but i like best the ideal of "Automatic updates.." this is really good for customer and for Karensoft to maintain its customer efficiently..

yeah..... some people might change from using MS Word to Execsuite and eventually use it as a one-for-all thing... but i would still probably be using Internet Explorer for browsing (i think so..) but i will never know if i dont try it.. except if it has a trial version.. but hey, lite edition is only RM399, it not a bad investment just to try it right.. after all, if you go makan in Nasi Kandar Kayu with your family, that would cost you around the same thing.