streamyx wont login

last nite, i can't connect to streamyx...

I did all sorts of checking.. and found that everything seems okay.. I did call up the customer service 130088 9515 and they couldn't really help.

I also learnt that the new password for streamyx modem ZTE 831 is -u "ADSL" -p "expert03"

I also learnt that someone actually had the same problem as I did.,9303918~mode=flat

everything was okay, i checked with my neighbours, his connection was fine. The DSL link at the modem was stable.. I brought the same router-modem to my office and it was working too.. so what is next ?

the only clue I that I have is "
ATM OAM segment loop back - failed
ATM OAM end-to-end loop back -failed
according to the documentation, this shouldn't affect the PPoE connection.

from link above, i also learnt that it could be due to
error code = 678


Brandon Teoh said…

apparently, error code =678 actually meant "There is no answer".. so potentially it means something wrong with my telephone line or something..

coz i tried using my account at other places and it can login.
Brandon Teoh said…
I managed to solve it by 'reset' the router modem;Aztech.

after reconfigure the login parameters,it actually worked again.
Anonymous said…
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