VOIP .. how big can it be ..

California urged to use open source

Open source bigger than linux

everybody is coming into it... Malaysian government is alleged to open up the telecommunication market by march 2005..

most people agreed that it would save cost... via Open source because there is no fund required for R&D.

So the speed is the essence here... whoever can quickly deploy an Open source application and get the business model working will be king.. we will talk about getting IPO later.

experts still thinks that VOIP quality is second to PSTN which holds the standard for carrier-grade.

for one thing, java seems to be out of the picture ..

In malaysia, many people still have not much knowledge about VOIP... there are some investor still looking for ways to get into the business..

The most talkabout open source project now is Asterisk, which runs entirely on Linux, inclusive of its development.. This could bring some problems to people if they have to secure a new box for linux as well as other pheripheral such as printers and etc.. most of the printer in malaysia don't support Linux. (There is no driver for it.)

many people claimed that learning Asterisk is not easy simply because the website say so...
http://www.astricon.net/training/. Anyhow, Asterisk is actually a PBX system, which means that if you are an expert, you can just download two free stuff (linux, Asterisk) and then install it for your company. The biggest revenue will then be training..

would malaysia market ready for this ??
Malaysian don't care about Open source, they just want it cheap and want to be lazy as well.