broadband setup

i was 'invited' by my friend to help him out with setting up a wireless broadband router for a client outside our job during one night. the main reason he asked me was to fetch him there as he is from outstation and have no idea the whereabout.

thus he gave me the address and i was like thinking... he said it is behind the muzium and near bangsar.. and on top of the hill. But instinct told me one location which i was always curious to find out.. It was on top of the hill from Jalan Bangsar. I was betting that it could be the place. So we drove from Federal highway and into Jalan Brickfields and we noticed "Jalan Travers".. my friend was excited... he said "we are near.." then we got into Jalan Bangsar and then before the caltex petro station.. turn left, up the hill and we finally found our way. It seems that the place is called Federal Hill.. pretty dark at night with the road kind of winding.

The house was a classic hill top house, 3 storey from top to bottom.. We were supposed to install the streamyx router at the 2nd level so that the other two floors get to enjoy the wireless effect as well. (it is tested that wireless broadband router and emit wave that would pass through wall.. actually it is not true.. it is due to reflection..)

Initially we struggle even though we have done it many times.. one thing is because the router's web interface is a bit cacat.. i dont know why ... it seems unable to accept new settings and they only thing we need to set is the "WAN" side. We selected "PPPoE" then put in the username, password, DNS and nothing else, still not working, because it won't accept the new settings. Then we did a hard reset and it was finally rolling. For some reason, hard reset is always very useful for I.T equipment, it is the silver bullet. I did it all the time for my PDA! Previously, i also did it a lot to my Motorola V6 handphone.

One thing that i learned from this venture is that the filter, famous for broadband installation , was actually meant for voice data. There is no need for digital filtering .. In other words, you can connect directly the conventional phone line to the ADSL modem. But you would need a filter for each of your voice device; phone. and also it is only important when you are surfing (when digital data are coming into the phone line together with incoming phone calls)..

we also learnt the following things..
1. Always test the device before going to client's place. If not permitted, always bring a backup device as prove that something is not working and not your fault.
2. Always have alternative account for testing during streamyx installation.
3. Always bring your own tools.
4. Always get your job done quickly.. otherwise, you can be sitting there for few hours
5. Some router's WAN settings won't reflect your username and password. (It could be mistoken as no setting) Also, some are cacat where the status is always "connecting" but not "connected"


Brandon Teoh said…
after the next day.. the owner called me up to complain about unavailability of broadband service, saying error:678.

This is very common, because they are so used to dial-up or connecting via WinPoet or any other dialer.. they find it hard to accept the fact that autoconnect would do.

They only way they get error code is via the dialer feedback information.
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