having an I.T degree means that you officially become an I.T guy in the house, family and community. Over the years, I have helped people to fix computer and other things for free, simply because I am an I.T guy. Certain amount of pressure is put on you when you fail to live up to certain expectations.. for instance, when someone PC couldn't start, they expect you to perform wonder on it.. they couldn't accept that the motherboard has finally subjected to death after years of exposure to non-air conditioned environment, nor they can accept the fact that someone who spend 3 years studying I.T couldn't help with anything other than some "excuses".

most of all, we forgive these people who tried to be smart but yet still wanted you to do the dirty work.. we all understand this to its fullest extend. You are forgiven.

just yesterday, my uncle from Singapore brought back 6 music CDS from a friend and wanted me to make two sets of copy. So he gave me the source and blank CDR. It wasn't a hard job, i knew I just needed to put them into the tray and run Nero's Copy CD. So I did, routinely did the job one by one until at the 5th copy, i realized that non of the job were fully completed. Ok, now the pressure is building up.. which part went wrong ?

Earlier on, I bought a Lite-On CR Drive costing on RM70, which i was quite reluctant because I actually wanted to buy Sony which is more expensive and I had a better experience with. But since the retailer has non of Sony's, I just took it because I needed it.

Before yesterday, I manage to copy other CDs(illegal software) for a friend. Well, I admit I am guilty.. but other people are more guilty.. Some people can afford a mercedes Benz but couldn't afford a few hundred ringgit of original software. Unless they have other better reason, this is what I called a total disorder in the society.

Hence, the Lite-on CD Drive is not confirmed to be not working well.. and the CD Burner has been functioning well since a year ago... so where goes wrong ? there might be two possibilities:
1. Lite-ON CD Drive
2. The CDR - imation (700/80min)

after having spoiled 5 CDR, I decided to took an alternative (smart move).. I tried to copy those contents into the HD and then from HD to burner. there were some challenges... the content of audio music is intended to prevent copying.. (unless you are using software).. it has a playlist image (index file) which is visible while other contents (the data file) are not visible.. thus if you copy and paste directly from the source, it would work because you can't locate the data file physically(technically it is there).

then as i was experimenting, i realized MSN Media player 10 has a good function to convert audio music file to media player file (which is something like MP3). But remember to uncheck the "copy protected music" option. If you copied the music which this option on, the output audio file would not be able to be copied again. it is some sort of encryption.

so i did... uncheck everything that are required.. and copied them and then from HD I copy into burner. Came another problem; chinese font. It seems that even those visible files are in the HD, MSN Media player's Roxio or even Ahead Nero cannot accept files with chinese font.. In Roxio, it would be considered invalid file and Nero, it won't be visible in the source pane. Therefore, the only way is to change the file name into English. and it will work!

Finally, the revelation.... as I was burning visible-audio-english-text-music-file.. the processes halted half way unexpectedly.. I was stunned again... WHAT WENT WRONG NOW ? then, as my nephew Teoh Jeng Wei was performing the Monkey King's martial art feat, I inherited a swift wisdom out of its ingeniusity. Must be the speed of the burning....

Bingo.. I was right on. Initially, I was burning all of them with 52X. I tried with 40X and it all came right and perfect. So, the verdict was the speed of burning the CD. I don't exactly know why 52x gives rise to problem.. but anyway, I am glad that the mystery is finally solved. the Monkey king was indeed a blessing.


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