Interactive demo ..

as i was browsing through the website pointed to by Ad Sense in this blog... I came across a Grid Computing web site which offers it service to people online. After reading the summary page, the product was interesting enough .. the creator would be able to get job anytime. But one thing I was sure was how are they going to do customization..

According to the summary above, it seems that they are specialized in two areas.
1. Web site testing -for web site development company.
2. Spreadsheet optimization - where they have a custom made spreadsheet engine.

The only question mark is the following statement..
Existing Applications
DeskGrid differs from other grid computing software in its ability to accommodate existing applications written in any programming language. If a problem can be partitioned, and a PC program can provide the partial solutions, then DeskGrid can automate and manage the distribution to every idle PC on your network.

It never really mention how it is going to do wonders on existing application such as payroll and etc.. It only mention "If a problem can be partitioned.."

So, the only way to find out is to do the next thing ..."Try out.." But since it required server and etc.. i was really heavy to do it.

What best if it can really provide a movie of real life scenario or some sort of interactive media .. interactive media can be achievable via Macromedia Flash MX or even Java's 2D and 3D API where the challenge is to digitally create any object such as a computer monitor and integrate it into a pictorial environment among all other objects which are interactive and having owns properties. - Even this I need to provide an interactive media!