Sin Chew Daily - MiTV buying contents from TV1 & 2

Sin Chew Daily: MiTV and TV1, TV2 agreement

referring to article above, MiTV is buying contents from TV1 & TV2.. this is a bit strange.. why would they want to do that..

it could be due to regulation.. now they are making it public and formal. See, the government could impose on MiTV that they have to benefit TV1 and TV2 because the emergence of MiTV will definitely cause some negative growth to the formers. Thus this is like some form of subsidy to the formers in return for approval of MiTV license.

That is y in the article, the it is deliberately stated why government given green light to MiTV..


It says " the reason is to create market competition through quality standard as well as providing TV viewer with more choices."

thus, this is important to answer the question of why approving something that would hurt TV1 and TV2.

but i feel MiTV is great because it is I.T, running on the Internet model and thus should be regarded as MSC initiative. Since the government is promoting MSC flagship, there shouldn't be issue to this.