Star 15 Feb 2005.

Local news:
The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Consumer Forum(CFM) is responsible for regulating consumer-related issues in the ommunication and multimedia industry. It is working under MCMC. Many complaints were received.

AIMS (data center) raised concerned over Malaysian existing international data link infrastructures' ability to handle explosive demand, owned by big telco and thus calling for liberalisation to encourage foregin players. This should have already been the job of MSC anyway, calling for foreign players with enough funding to setup infrastructure in the country. (money is the key issue, many local players such as AIMS and etc can't afford such infra) Its CEO Afzal Abdul Rahim said it is due to high "landing fees".

VOIP service provider Xintel also complained of high rates imposed by big telcos(Malaysia) for wholesale minutes. Au Kean Hoe (M.D), contrasted the fact that infra cost is not the real reason as Singapore companies can provide similiar service with lower rates. But actually his company can buy directly from Singapore companies without any obligation. All he was calling was for regulation only.

Everyone is calling for the the need for more local contents, but what can anyone do anything about it?

2. Maxis
Maxis finally able to put piece and pieces together to get its broadband service more available to the household. While they admitted that they suffered failure five years ago for similiar attempt, they have found a way to solve the last-mile problem;wireless technology. TMNet is still king in the business, currently providing 1Mbps for RM88. The follwoing are maxis packages:
RM 106 for 384Kbps
RM 136 for 512 kbps
One time registration of RM125.
Currently, the service is available in Subang Jaya and UEP Subang Jaya due to its high PC-penetration rates.
THey are also hoping that in 2 to 3 years, mobile internet will be available with no string attached. Current bottleneck is from the handphone which haven't got any built-in modems and users would need to rely on GSM mode in the form of GPRS, EDGE or 3G. According to Idham Nawawi (head of enterprise sales), handphone manufacturer should be able to produce phone's chipset with built-in modem (for wi-fi or wi-max) in 2 years times.

TM Net is hard on its service responsiveness and has launched a so called "streamyx in-a-box". This on the shelf thingy allows customer to do-it-yourself install the streamyx service. The best part of the difference between conventional practice is that it comes with a installation and service manual guide book. Customer can pick up this package at any tmnet clickers outlets, Kedai Telekom and from authorised streamyx resellers.

Corporate I.T:
1. Fiorina issues howering around merger of HP and Campaq for reason that PC business is not able branding anymore, instead it is about prices Dell computers offered lower price than others. When she was appointed on July 19, 1999, HP stock rose 2% and since then investor lost 20% of their investment and after she was announced to be leaving, share prices rose 6.7%. She was also blamed for mismanagement of fund for repurchasing shares (Agilent Tech) at the wrong time.
2. Merger has not been considered rosy by many analyst, with the best preferences given to merger of software houses for its intellectual property (programmers) and valueble commodities (software)
3. Server market stumbled.
Overall she was blamed for the reason that investor lost money.


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