Star archiving services

I must admit Star In.Tech contains pretty good information about I.T Ever since i first got myself involved in I.T since college, I have always been trying to find ways to archive it .. used to be doing manual archive but as the yellow-driven paper stock up, it become a nuisance than help. What we can do is perhaps find a way to archive it (these days the harddisk are CDR are not expensive anymore), just the effort is expensive.

I figure, since Star In.Tech itself didn't provide archiving services.. probably because they have operational issue for the computing resources - database management. They have to flush old data so that SQL query could be more efficient. All these are basically operational and they figured that there is no need to provide such service to reader. I could really come up with a service that will archive Star In.Tech material and also provide translation to other languages especially to Mandarin. With this, i could gain part time money by selling it online to customer from China, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong. Of course I would be paying Star for royalties.. and I would charge customer for it.

As there is no need for me to spend extra effort to analyse data and produce report, I could really do this efficiently when the routines are well mastered and organized.


Anonymous said…
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