Transparency VS Microeconomic

Is transparency more important than micreconomic ?

I think if you put both together, you will have a banger.
Transparency = Information Technology
Microeconomic = Things which are needed everyday, such as telecommunication and etc.

Dictionary definition of microeconomic?
The study of the operations of the components of a national economy, such as individual firms, households, and consumers.

My definition of microeconomic ?
Microeconomic is not really about branding, it is about being there at the right time and cost. Analogy of microeconomic is on-demand download compared to on-the-shelf which relies on the power of branding.

In microeconomic, big companies don't make all the money, and don't control everything.Theirs is just for some sort of consultancy and providing roles.

Not every industry fit to benefit from the microeconomic framework, which really stresses on low operating cost. Content provider such as Unreal mind's shabox aren't really operating on micreconomic because they rely on advertisement for the sales and they try to play monopoly game. Same thing goes to its other competitors.

A microeconomic framework can only be benefitial to the society if no single player attempts to monopolize the market via cross-selling. The boundery is not determine by rules and regulation or even branding but merely but the point of present in one particular economic unit. Loyalty is created based upon relationship and routine and not based on branding.

Lottery game in Malaysia is pretty much a microeconomic scenario except that it is hampered by the fact that there are only 3 players around and inevitably, monopoly couldn't get out of the picture. It is monopolized in a sense that the government is still holding the keys to game. Perhaps there can never be a totally non-monopolized environment and the role of our discussion here is to determine how well microeconomic can help to provide more business opportunity for more people in the society.