today is "chap go meh", I finally got really a lot of time sitting around with not much obligation to worry about.. the weather is pretty damn hot and i felt really heavy to travel around... I wonder why every chinese new year in Malaysia is always hot..perhaps the red colour effect is really having effects..

due to plenty of time given to me ... i actually spent some time reading through a lot of news on the newspaper and some magazines.. One of the thing that attracted me is about Transparency.

1. Microsoft (Star In-tech:8 Feb 2005)
Microsoft corp actually offered Government security program - aims at helping government to tackle security issues related to its product. Under this program, which is free of charge, which mean microsoft will allocate employees for this activities, will allow those involved to be able to review Microsoft's secret source code for its operating system, so that they can evaluate for themselves the software's security and ability to withstand attacks. This is actually a smart move because it would protect their own interest first, knowing that people always like to cause trouble to their operating system. If they expose specific information about how their plans for upholding security and etc.. In case of something bad happen, their image wouldn't be affected.
2. Online ad impression measurement (AD Asia: Jan/Feb2005)
Aisam Digital Marketing Association(ADMA) has taken initiative to come up with guidelines to measure ad impression for online arena. Ad impression is defined as "viewer seeing the ad"

The guidelines are intended to hasten the growth of Internet advertising spending by simplifying the buying and selling process for advertiser, marketeers and publishers. Recommendation:

1. Ad-impression counting is conducted from the "client-side" as opposed to the "server-side" (an impression is counted once the browser receives the advert.)
2. consistent elimination of non-human activity counting (avoids counting by spiders and robots)
3. consistent cache busting.

Transparency means that something is moving towards maturity.. I could start a company just doing transparency services.. as third party for such services, which is a must within a transparency consideration.

Auditing is a form of transparency for regulating companies. But most of the time, it is only related to financial side.. other areas are left in the dark.

Currently, the most untransparence industry is the VOIP market where technologies are still evolving and customers are most of the time not well informed about the billing, even though it is already been discounted.


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