Virtual operator..

in the U.S, prepaid services are run by those called "virtual operator".

and they claimed that virtual operator will gonna explode in the market place. In malaysia, they claimed that 4th tier airtime reseller will be exploded by 2005 because MCMC is opening up the market.

Earthlink, the no.2 internet dial-up provider in the U.S is changing strategy and is moving towards buying and reselling access, instead of buying and reselling airtime. This is done by mobile internet. but hey, i am very excited with mobile internet too. Think about this, how would it change your life when you can basically connect to the internet via the following methods.

1. GPRS - 3G technology via GSM network.
2. Wi-fi - Earthlink is creating technology or application to integrate mobile phone with Wifi
3. Wimax - even greater than Wi-fi.

c'mon, think about this, if any of your phone can connect to Internet via wifi, and since the government is hot rolling out plans to make malaysia totally wi-fi,wow!. the best part is that in Klang valley, most of the restaurant, cafers and etc are already providing free wi-fi, Internet is soon going to be free. Except for air-zed, which is considered virtual operator as well.

And when you can connect to the internet easily, you would be able to build a so called RFID for mobile phone people. Virtually, anywhere in the world, we can trace you..

For instance, let say that there is a java-app that runs in your mobile phone, it will daemonly talks to software agents that sits in the hotspot area.. for instance coffee bean house. and these software agent, upon getting your presence, it will feedback to the central server which would compile a collections of people's whereabout. Then, with such information, we can create a natural entertaintment, wow! The internet is the best entertaintment in the world because it present information in the more rawless manner. People love raw things such as news. Thus, if one can watch information of people's whereabout, this is the best entertaintment man.

Of course, before this will happen, you will be able to talk to any of your friend for free via virtual operator services. From that article above, virtual operator is defined as:

They're called "virtual" operators because they don't maintain the underlying connectivity but do handle all marketing, billing, customer support and -- most importantly -- the content and services that customers use.

what it means is that, connectivity will be maintained by TMNET and etc. But they are giving out services and charge you for it. Meaning, today I create a Skype program and charge you for it. Since it is free, the charge won't be meant for airtime but it is meant for access point. the money collected can be used to put into a pool and we make lottery out of it.


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