100 web moment in the history

the 100 important moment of the web in the history ... in the eyes of yahoo.

1. the idea of yahoo was brought up a little past 10 years ago, in the year 1994.
2. the first human being banned from using the Internet.
3. the first internet celebrity - Mahir who like sex. - i guess it is originality that make its.
4. The death of jerry garcia in 95 reported by yahoo also sparked the spread of internet news.
5. craiglists.
6. Netscape set the standard for IPO which based on potential and not result.
Verisign emerge in 1998, the aim was to give internet user the much-needed peace of mind for e-commerce activities.
3. President clinton actually signed a legistration to give green light for internet cencorhip - which is aim to regulate freedom of speech.

prison also its main purpose is to give people peace of mind for living in the society.