broadband setup again 2

i was called by a friend for broadband setup again... this time, he wanted to use winpoet to make PPPoE connection because his account isn't those of montly unlimited bandwidth.

The problem is:

he is using a D-Link router which been configured to work like a router (meaning that the connection is always on..). A typical router configuration would be like the following:

ATM interface = 0
Operation mode = enabled
Encapsulation = PPPoE LLC (very important)
VCI=35 (for malaysia only)

the rest leave as-is.

so, as part of preparation, i took the streamyx modem(ZTE) with me, in case I couldn't prove the concept. Because i haven't tried configuring a router setting into a modem setting, i was having some trouble with the house owner sat beside me watching (because he wanted to learn) I tried to entertaint him and at the same time figuring out what was happening...

my initial attempts were pretty stupid.. i thought it could work by only deleting the login details.. but the modem couldn't accept it. as i was struggling around the concept, i knew my knowledge is lacking. then I got a smart idea, where using the streamyx-modem, if i could just hard reset it so that it reboot as default configurations, i should be able to see the actual configurations for a broadband device working as a modem. So, I went on to "reboot default config" and then I tried to login using a software dialer(winpoet) and it went.

then i refer to the configurations and learnt something. For a broadband device to work like a modem, the following typical settings.

operation mode=enabled
encapsulation=1483 bridged IP LLC (the most important)
VCI=35(Malaysia only)
Bridge=enabled (very important)
the rest leave as-is.

for Streamyx-ZTE modem, the following is quite interesting.. in the quick configuration menu, under "PPP" section, it has "username", "password" and "Use DNS" field. The "Use DNS" field is actually mean for Auto-DNS-discovery. The "Default Route" option should means "Enabled NAT?"


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