broadband setup again

i was invited to setup a broadband router for a house in Sri Petaling. so based on previous experiences, i have since been smarter and more well prepared.

Rules of Thumb
1. Always test the device before going to client's place. If not permitted, always bring a backup device as prove that something is not working and not your fault.
2. Always have alternative account for testing during streamyx installation.
3. Always bring your own tools.
4. Always get your job done quickly.. otherwise, you can be sitting there for few hours
5. Some router's WAN settings won't reflect your username and password. (It could be mistoken as no setting) Also, some are cacat where the status is always "connecting" but not "connected" Silver Bullet --> Hard reset.

I brought with me a Telekom Streamyx router (ZTE) for backup.

Thus, i went in an i saw a brand new D-Link router. I login to it and was suprised to find that they isn't any "WAN" options. after going through it, I found that you can create connection by "creating connection" option.. and thus since one instance was already created, i didn't bother to create another one. Immediately, I checked the username and password and then the VCI & VPI parameters where:


everything was ok, since the owner isn't IT expert, i expected that every settings other than the username and password, was defaulted to be. Then I check the status and it was written as conenction, showing also the uplink and downlink speed.

Then I quickly went to over to I.E and tried to browse. Many attempts but failed,so what happened ?

I then put in the primary and secondary DNS and then try again.. but still nothing. I can go dos-prompt to check for "inconfig /all" and everything seems ok. The DHCP was working.. but i just couldn't PING anything.

In fact, everytime I tried to browse an URL, the system would initiate a dialup dialog for me to dialup. I check I.E's Internet Option's and it happened that current settings has two dialup instance with the default pointing to "Dialup whenever a network connection is not present". Ok, this shows that they system couldn't recognize any connection.

Then i checked with LAN settings and found that "Automatically detect settings" had been enabled. I went to check and found that has the IP address of But of course, i tried to ping this and it won't work as well. I also tried to do tracert and guess what "of course it won't work"

I changed to ZTE and still not able to browse, eventhough i also get connected.

So where is the missing link?

Then i thought, we had the LAN settings ready.. but the system won't point to LAN, it is pointing to dialup. It means the solutions is to create an internet connection that points to a LAN instead of a dialup.

1. DNS setting might not be necesary. Depends on the router's features. Most router comes with DNS proxy selection for "Auto Discovery", which would mean "automatic". However, with DNS settings at the IP's properties, pages would be loaded faster. Without, u can notice that at the status bar, I.E would start with "Detecting proxy setting..". For router with no such features, it is necesary to provide the settings in the router or the IP's property for PC network card.
2. The biggest issue is to setup the "Internet Connection". This part would usually be omitted by IT expect, beause techies tend to do a bit more techy stuff like setting DNS and etc.
3. Enable "NAT". If every the router comes with option for "NAT", pls enable it. p/s: even if link is up (means connected), but without NAT you can't browse anything. Most router would have this automatic. Therefore, the reason they allow it for manipulation is because they want to allow network owner to control web surfing. Without NAT, normal LAn would still work, because LAN work based on MAC level.
4. For XP, I.E/Internet Options/LAN settings/automatically detect settings. --> whether it is enabled or disabled won't make any different.
5. Also bring one full set of devices, including a laptop for testing. First, test the owner's router with your laptop. (prior to that make sure your laptop can already surf net), then can router and test. YOu would be able to know which part goes wrong.


Brandon Teoh said…
i was summoned back again.. it seems that the owner is facing problems again.. he just couldn't surf the net.

i was so furious..which part actually went wrong. i was supposed to be so simple. anyway, the first thing was of course, check the router and I was like "WHAT!!!, who did.."

all settings went away. for some reason, i believe, the owner attempted to change the settings as well because the NAT option was unchecked. (by default it shouldn't)

then i check the DNS..what ..what the hack ?

finally, i realized that it is router's fault. everytime power is off, all settings gone. It is a D-link router. (perhaps there are more than one OEM manufacturer around)

another problem he was facing is that he got a laptop which was configured to login to domain in the office. if i login to the domain at home, i use streamyx because it won't be part of the network. other pc in the LAN can't PING me but vice versa.
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