open source bio-information

i was searching for an open source solutions for data warehousing .. , because i needed one. most of the data warehousing solutions are pretty expensive.. such as Cognos, Crystal and even MS SQL Server.

then i found the following site..
accordingly, it states the reason for its existence is because most of the research data are proprietary to labs and university, they are trying to come out with a set of data for free.

thus, what they are doing now is that they they created a standard data model, and they created some software interface that would take the data entry. The data entry modules would follow strictly with the data model.

the whole thing will be based on mySQL.

and then also i come across another software called Scicraft . The web page was pretty impressive.. my first impression upon reading the introduction was that it could be another great software such as mathematica . I thought it could run any software; multiple of them simultaneously and let user do data analysis. This means i could go buy any data analysis software from the shelf and have them run together using SciCaft.

What it appears to me is what I was really overhyped. based on the following link, i happen to learn that it can't support all software except for few types with plugins available, currently only Octave, R(statistical) and Pythons(something like Java).
therefore, the allies of open source has to be another open source, it cannot be Microsoft or etc.