ringo stars... not really

www.ringo .com

the web site for socializing.. having the name of ex-british rocker group Beattles. every moment someone sent me invitation for ringo acceptance.. i would think of Ringo Starr.

anyway, recently i got many invitation for ringo acceptance.. i remembered i already had an account, also i had clear memory of the username and password. But the moment i tried to login it failed.

so i tried to registered again and then failed again. then i remembered, ah... must be the verification email.. i quickly login to yahoo email and then click on the verification email. also failed. wa lao... i wanted to give up already.. the only big problem was this.

after i registered with ringo, the immediate thing they asked me to do was to import email addresses from yahoo and get have them sent invitation letter. i guess the only reason why I received so much invitation from my net friend is exposed, everyone did the same trick. It wasn't really about sincerity. It is this moment that i knew, even if i rejected all of the invitation, no one would be hurt anyway.

but i still go one.. i tried the next day (which is now), having to register again and then suprisingly i can finally login even before verification. (r they doing maintenance as well ?)

but one thing did bring me back to those programming days when i was doing web programming for session thingy.. see, since i received both inviation email for my yahoo and hotmail account, and since i have to access each email to accept them.. i found that session applies to application and not web browser or PC. Which means that session of yahoo is non visible to that of hotmail. Thus, from yahoo, if you login to ringo and never logout, the next time you tried to do anything from yahoo's link that is related to ringo; there is no need to login again. But if you switch to hotmail, you need to login again even you are using the same PC.

to lay person, this could be another jinx... but actually it is due to complexity of session which is tied to application. any session beloging to yahoo will eventually got transfered back to yahoo application server. Thus if you login from yahoo's link, your login details is stored at yahoo's application server site. Hotmail knows nothing about it even though you are uing the same PC.

anyway, god bless internet site..