Yudy's tech tips..- PC Upgrade

This time if we want to upgrade comp is not as easy as in the past. E.g: RAM comes with so many range like “512MB PC 2700 CL2.5” & “512 MB PC 3000 CL 3” both also same price, then have to compare with the motherboard if it is supported, so mafan.Opteron is for server lerr, price also so expensive. Only the Athlon 64, FX & Sempron suitable for home use/ workstation. Sempron is upgraded from duron.

I agree with Ahwah, upgrade to Athlon 64 with socket 939 is the best for now, but also have to watch out for the motherboard, some motherboard support only certain socket E.g: AMD 64 3200+ come with socket 754 & 939, price also diff RM 20 only.

Broadband only apply to Jakarta for now, and cover certain state around Jakarta only, you can forget about Medan lerr Brandon. Medan so far now only provide point to point unlimited service means they have to bring a long pole to your house and setup and comes with special modem of their own, and we can online unlimited, but the cost for setting up only reach up to 9 Million+ rupiah (RM 3750+) and everymonth have to pay RM 145+ but without phone line anymore.


Brandon Teoh said…
if our motherboard state they can support 939
socket, then we have to look for processor with socket 939. I just
the “socket” here referring to the different number of pin on the

But how do we know which socket is better? Answer is “price do all the talking”
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