64 bits finally..

so what we are having now, with new machine of 64 bits processor but 32 bits software capability. Microsoft has announced Windows XP Professional x64Edition, a 64 bits version for existing Windows XP. According to Microsoft, it can simply crunch more information at one time.

Microsoft Previous Next Windows, aims to bridge Gap

Nevertheless, the next big thing would be Longhorn OS, the much awaited OS from Microsoft. It is scheduled to be released on summer 2006 which is more than one year from now. Analyst is expecting PC sales to slow down until that major events especially in the Enterprise market.


Brandon Teoh said…
Considering the move to 64 bit

if you are running 64 bit OS on 32 bit hardware, then it would still work because the memory management is better.

if you are planning to run 32 bit OS on 63 bit hardware, then you might face hardware's driver problem.

The best is to run 64 bit OS on 64 bit hardware.

PC sales would go up despite arrival of Longhorn in one year time.