eye for eye

I just happened to buy a laptop and was having a lot of fun with it .. partly due to the reason that it was installed with Microsoft XP (experience). I really starting to appreciate this product better each becoz it really gives you a lot of experience, as a layman. For instance, a non-IT literate people would really learn a lot from Windows XP, because you get to download updates..change this, change that.. drag here and there... it can auto detect everything.. it knows when you last installed a software and etc... so it is good experience for user, especially to IT guy like me because I really dreaded those days of Windows 95, 98 and ME. Now it is a brand new Experience!

but who is gaining ?
--> Consumer. Consumer is the biggest winner. Software vendor don't really earn much, especially when piracy is around. Pirated software seller might have a lot of sales but they don't earn much too (because CD seller are not the manufacturer, they are just sub-agent. Thus theyu will buy RM5 and sell it at RM10 and they are localized). But Windows XP got smarter now, they can actually detect the number of times a product is used for installation and would ban you from registering it if it don't fix anymore. Pls bear in mind that after the 30 days grace period granted for registration, there is no way to hack your system other than obtaining a legitimate product key. But still the product registration procedure is not yet perfect. For instance, if you buy an OEM version which grants 2 PC installation. But had you used it all and one of your PC actually spoiled, u bought a new one and had it install with the same OEM software, this time it is not allowed. Technical law terms, you should be able to do that because the previous PC died, u still having two active PC. Nevertheless, you should be able to call up the service center to sort things out. (They would recognize you by either the network card's MAC address or some other hidden ID of the motherboard).

becoz of Windows XP, I am sure more time is spent on the computer, thus Tenaga Nasional Berhad would have higher demand as well as broadband connection. Laptop sales is also expected to go up. This is no doubt because as user get comfortable with a system, and if it keeps providing users with different different experiences (recently you can actually provide handwritting as part of your MSN messenger messages, before you do that, you need to download something from Internet), users actually feel empowered and thus enlightened. Now I understand why Dell, Compaq would like to have long term business with Microsoft.

ok, so having great experiences.. I was actually doing some programming and was scrolling up and down to scrutinize the code. and it made me realize that such practice is actually bad for the eyes. Becoz our eyes are so sensitive with lights (image projection as input), scrolling pages on the computer screen created sudden explosive of image projections due to many changes occurred, putting eyes to strain.

one way is to gaze at distance to release the so-called "eye-strain" as suggested by the following articles.

eye strain

the other way is to do yoga..


now it is not so good experience for the eye.