how to make IT money from people in Malaysia ?

seriously I got to tell you.. Malaysian can afford BMW, Mercedes and etc even though the taxes are high.. but they can't afford an original version software for less then RM200. I have real life scenarios for that.

reason ? Mentality.
People wanted to feel smart.. they wanted to feel that they are being mischief, but won't admit it publicly. They wanted to download software, try to crack stuff, and do many things on the Internet such as blogging.. but all for a minimal cost. They have no choice but to subscribe to streamyx connection.. other than that paying from their pocket would just be too harmful.

I guess for software vendor, besides coming up with law, they must also create some sort of image branding.. for instance, some people would feel sophisticated for having to use certain software to enhance their live. They can feel proud about it and share it with their friend so that it would generate lots of admiration from people and those without such software would feel socially dejected or humbled.

thus, earning money from Malaysian is very hard.. except for education. they won't mind buying loads of text book and etc.. but yet they won't think much about education cost saving.. such as researching from the Internet and etc.. books are better sold than e-courses. why ? what if those e-courses are really more effective than books ? This part Malaysian failed to consider.

people don't mind buying reload coupon from retailers to top-up their mobile credit airtime, but they just very reluctant to do it the other way round, such as using credit card or banking services. (public bank provides facilities for direct top-up via SMS). Therefore, probably it is just physcology.. if we can get people "pre-paid" a reload card and use it for their Internet activities, that would be great too right? they don't mind spending a few bucks on petrol travelling to the nearest 7-Elevan to pick up a reload coupon and then rush home for some transaction while credit card is always with them safely.

On majority,what I observed is that people like to learn.. but they won't attend classes because fearing the tutor wouldn't be too friendly. also, they don't want to be dealt with intellectual challenges.. For my side, those people whom I visited many times to help them with computer-services, are keen learner because they would prefer to take things to their own hand, but sometimes things are just too much to swallow at one go.

If we start to lecture non-IT people on IT tricks.. would the value of I.T graduates even diminish further ? would this be part of market spoiler activities ?

We will find out soon.