i mean business...

i was pulling over from long hours of good work; 2 x 16 hours of non-stop computer programming for a free-lance project, spanning two days. I must say though, after not being involved in programming for 1 year, the beginning part was pretty terrible but I enjoy the time because of few reasons.

1. 16 hours of full concentration. No abstract thoughts, no day-dreaming and etc. It proved that I could handle difficult situations as well as coping through problems until the end.
2. Consistency, mental strengths and intelligence.
3. It also proves that we could have absolute pure mind by focusing on something that is mental-challenging and yet fun because problems can be solved by clicking until it is being right. It is like a chess game, the maximum possibilities you could have is 64 x 32 moves. U won't get lost forever, it is just a matter of time before you unearth the truth.

I been thinking, if having pure mind could solve some other problems such as illnesses... then I could start a clinic for alternative-contemporary treatment.

I even skipped dinner for that two nites. Nevertheless, I did sufferred from stress related symptoms of irregular heartbeart. I felt weaken physically even though my conscious was clear.

Even though the output is not yet to final yet, but I knew that after 32 hours of full concentration, the most difficult part; application-framework is ready and steady.

Just like pulling over a highway after you are tired with driving non-stop, I took time to surf the net and landed on Donald Trump's the Apprentice through a link from Yahoo.The show is currently under 3th season, much better to watch then HBO's Survival and even American Idol.

I remembered that the 1st season had couple of nice ladies such as Amy Henry and Erika Vetrini.

now i got it, they took of the archive of Apprentice 1st season because they wanted to sell it on DVD, not because there is insufficient HD space on the server. Hey, comeon guys, you can host it in Malaysia, it is much cheaper. So this is business development and planning huh ? anyway, you still can get information from the following:

anyway, season 2 had some got stuff too. So I browsed it instead of current season. Hey comeon, this is entertaintment right, I deserve to choose what desires to.

the candidates.. most of them having colourfull backgrounds such as MBA and etc..I make me wonder how far I can go with just a degree in Computing from an average british university and educated in Malaysia. I didn't have a good scholar profile and etc. Hows these people can take time off for studies and still achieve so much in life ? Perhaps they started young.

nevertheless, I went through the final week footage for season II and was really boosted by it.
It was a match between John Kelly and Jennifer M. The two of them were expected to perform charity drive where Kelly was given the business channel of Polo Match while Jen was to NBA match. Details weren't really given, only summary.The following are my analysis.

The polo side were schedule at Greenwich Polo Grounds and NBA at Riverbank State Park. Assuming that Trump already pre-arranged these two locations because perhaps he owns them or he has contact to the owner. Otherwise, it would be even thougher for them to start. I assume that each is given over one week to plan the show and show day should be one Sunday.

What about funding part, for instance, where do they get funding for the refreshment and etc ?
perhaps is charity from sponsor too.

Jennifer ended up having auction to generate revenue, while perhaps for Kelly side, the money being paid for Polo match by Polo-patron was used for the charity income. Both resorted to inviting celebrities to the show in order to add spices to it. Now the question is how can they organize things in such a short time if they need to search for sponsors and etc ? if it wasn't for Trump's factor ? I assume they were using the status of Trump's organization's intern to get things organize or else everything was already ready in the list, only waiting to be implemented. But the best part is Kelly and Jen was definitely having a good time, it was a rewarding job for them.

how about losses ? who was going to absorb it ? Perhaps is Trump.

NOw imagine this, can this be real for Malaysia ? or can we do the similiar thing in Malaysia without Trump ?

Let's assume that I have a lot of contacts and would like to make some money. I wanted to organize a charity show and benefit 10% from total collected. Thus, I organize a shaolin team from China for a show in Malaysia, go to meet up with management of Istana Budaya and wanted to invite Siti Nurhaliza to kick start the event. Setting up appointment with Istana Budaya isn't hard because they can't run away, but to deal with Siti Nurhaliza, I need to have her agent's number or I need to use some money to find someone with her contacts and then pay them some commission. Imagine successfully meeting with Siti, I would need to convince her to do it for charity while I convinced Istana Budaya to get ready for losses. Because I am not going to risk that 10%. Unless I can get a sponsor to fund my runnings, otherwise I would need to look for Robert Kuok to do Trump's role.

There are a lot of apprentice wannabe in Malaysia, but there is no Trump.


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