laptop bad for you ...

hey guys...

laptop is bad for your neck or finger... but not both..

laptop design can be a pain for the posture

the problem is that screen and keyboard are too close to each other.. thus if you sit back and straight up, your finger will be in the right position, but not your head, coz u need to stare down..causing neck strain. Hey, without realizing.. i am actually experiencing it now.

I love playing with laptop.. it just more fun. one thing is that the machine follows your positions, whereas you need to fit the position offered by desktop.

so now I know the reason for creation of Apple's 2002 Sunflower imac

that should solve the problem right ? but too bad Apple is not selling the product anymore, due to technical reason. According to some sources, because of the design, they need to resort to certain technology and that technology is not perfect in a sense that it actually caused certain "dead pixel" on the screen.

imac dead pixel..

so unless you put the laptop higher up to comfort the neck, and use another keyboard, otherwise you will just risk the finger. To me, the best is probably this.

Sit straight up but not lay back to the seat. Position your finger as usual while placing the screen more towards 180 degree and the head looks down. that would gives you more comfort.anyway, laptop sales is expected to shoot over desktop because it is more fun, and you get to spend more time playing with I.T and also because it is getting cheaper.

Probably because the business channels and manufacturing channels have matured and became saturated. Means you can have few suppliers over a single components, as well as few logistic company to choose from for delivery.

some companies are coming up with better solutions. Such as..