maxis 3G will be out soon!

maxis recently launched a 3G initiative; which is a data card for laptop... This data card, something like your current laptop wireless card (from Aztech or SMC) allows you to not just connect to WIFI spot (such as those in Stackbucks or Coffee Bean) but also to Maxis 2G and 3G networks.

The 3G network is 10 times faster than GPRS and 3 times faster than EDGE (implemented by Digi).

Their idea of selling this is to cater for seamless network intersection. Meaning, since there is not enough 3G coverage compared to GPRS, the data card allows auto links up with eithe available networks.

The cost at the moment is still expensive, you would need to spend RM 1599.00 for the data card and monthly access fees of RM149.00 and monthly fees of RM149.00

They acknowledged that currently, there still certain technological issues which would hamper voice services.

now we are all just waiting for a built-in facility in the handphone, which can connect to 3G by default. Then the following would be possible:

localized VOIP - you may be visiting places like Genting highland which can provide you with free VOIP services whenever you are in the vicinity of Genting. Since users are already 3G subscriber, then can make calls for free from their handphone. Genting will pay for it as complement to the customers.

video streaming... Have you ever been in a conference where the speaker is right far in front and the projector's image are bad... with 3G and complementary software, we can transmit video into the Internet and let user download into their handphone for viewing.. in this case, instead of one projector, the conferences has thousands of projectors. The event owner will pay for the cost from technology providers.

gaming analyst - having Casino patron connect to an analysis server to analyse their current game.

Maxis is pretty smart at during with PR. Not much people would buy the data card yet, due to its price. But, you have been warned that Maxis is ahead of you and please for anything similiar, Maxis is part of it too. Doing this is more effective thatn going for Patent, trademark, industry design copyright. because for one, everybody would knows about it, two - you don't have to spend money with the copyrighters.

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