MY015 - Jaring Wireless Broadband

I am quite excited about this product simply becaues it is a all-in-one communication infrastructure.. Using it, user can have the following:

1. Broadband up to 1 Mkbps.
2. VOIP services, potentially unlimited call to Malaysia with RM 50 only
3. A dedicated phone number with prefix - 015

The best part is the promised 015 number which is useful as fowarding number and caller ID. THis means that other party can actually call you back using that number which is running on a VOIP backbone. In other words, you don't need to apply for a Telekom line if you haven't got one.

Ok, so the issue is how stable it is ? Nobody knows yet. I was determined to test it and become a reseller because I feel I can sell it really well. This is the kind of product we can recommend it strongly to our cliente. Sadly, Jaring hasn't decided on any reseller plan yet, their next move is road show, probably gonna run by events company such as Eppco.

Anyway, without reseller initiative, I don't think I will help them to push for it because there is not much benefits, even though I am still interested to test it out. But since I already got a streamyx line, I would really going to leave it as low priority or KIV.

Not many end-user is willing to try it out, fearing product quality problems and also due to the aggresive moves of competitors such as Streamyx. I am not going to go around telling everyone to try it instead of other product because there is no motivation and I haven't test it out too. Thus this will be really low profile job.

The problem is many end user don't understand what is the purpose of it integration with VOIP as well as the capability of a caller ID, only those involves in Telco would have much understanding. Therefore, if whatever advertising champaigns embarked on couldn't get the message across, they might as well call it the day as Time Telekom's Webbit, which is currently under phase 2 development where phase 1 has been phased out.

Perhaps the margin is not attractive for them when they bring reseller into the picture.


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