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have you guys received any emails regarding

basically it is local start-up... currently in the first phase. where they are building up a multilevel structure from you people. What it does is very simple, upon registrating to their database, the next thing you should do is to get all your friends (those with emails) to register as well and they will all be under your wings. Well, I am not sure how it(web site) going to organize the structure.. but you should be able to see the tree structure.

at the moment they are not selling anything or sending any sms advertisement to you yet. you will have to wait till the next phase, where you(with a huge network), will go to look for advertiser (shops, companies and etc) These people will pay for certain fees in order to get SMS advertisement sent over to people and all your downlines will receive the same SMS as well.

They will reward you with the following plans.

Yourself MYR0.03
Downline members MYR0.01 x 100 = MYR1.00
For Selling MYR0.02 x 100 sms = MYR2.00

If you made 10 sales/day: 10 x MYR3.03 = MYR30.30

In 1 month you make: 30 x MYR30.3 = MYR909


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