Star In.Tech: 29 March 2005

This week highlights...

the cover story: Quite a bit to see
Depiction: A man trying in a difficult left-curve pose to gain a good position in order to examine the tiny component of a motherboard hung to the wall.
Pointer: Page 14
Verdict: actually it is trying to imply CeBit(See Bit), annual Trade fair in Hangover, Germany for ICT showcase."Quite a BIT to SEE".

1. Title: Are Blogger Journalist?
Verdict: Bloggers are subjected to the same libel law as anyone else who open his mouth in the public. A journalist however, have more right to free speech than anyone else. However, it is much more a courtesy than a right, because they don't get 100% freedom of writing. Nevertheless, journalist are more well informed about what should be filtered and whatsoever, thus they are more likely going to avoid trouble. In retrospect, a journalist's blogger would do fantastic job in the blogsphere.
2. Title: VCs Still love ICT the best.
Verdict: According to Malaysian Venture Capital Association(MVCA), the local VC such Kavana is pouring more money into the industry, a fact which contradicts the general expectation. The amount of RM132.9 mil been invested into this industry for 2004, equivalent to 46% of total investment, the number two spot were life sciences 78mil(27%) while third placing is manufacturing industry 75.1mil(26%). Accordingly, the government is the largest contributor to the VCs activities. VC, better known as the "management" is actually just the middleman in charge of the funding. The regard listing of investee as a form of great liquidity for their effort.