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I recently polled my advisory board about their VoIP adoption plans.To my surprise, most of them were not that impressed with VoIP anddidn't have any immediate investment plans for this type oftechnology. Here were the top three reasons they offered for theirhesitation to invest:
- VoIP is still very expensive and it's very hard to justify the cost.
- The reality is that VoIP adoption is growing extremely fast in the consumer markets, but not in the enterprise markets.
- PBX systems still work and cost less. Why replace PBX with an expensive VoIP system if your current one isn't broken?

But some IT executives HAVE seen the benefits of a VoIP implementation. One example is Steve Conley, director of informationtechnology and telecommunications for the Boston Red Sox. Conleyrecently implemented a VoIP system which helped him to cut $3,000 offof the team's monthly phone bill and to successfully bridge teamofficials' cell phones with the current Avaya IP PBX system. So in the end Conley credited VoIP with helping him cut costs and increasehis group's productivity.What are your thoughts and plans for VoIP adoption? Is it hot on yourradar screen this year or are you still waiting for costs to go down and more IT organizations to adopt? I'd love to hear your thoughts(mailto:editor@searchcio.com).
VoIP adoption plans[Karen Guglielmo, Site Editor]kguglielmo@techtarget.com

my point of view...
so they are talking about VOIP implementation that is expensive. Perhaps they can opt to choose http://www.asterisk.org/, open source PBX VOIP solutions for Linux.

one reason VOIP has edge over consumer market is because of the non-guaranteed quality. It is acceptable for social use.. it is okay to have delay during converstation between you in Malaysia and a friend in U.K. But it is not acceptable for a convention between two person in the same country. Forget about infrastructure inefficiency and etc...

Unless we are talking about a total solution; a system developed with IP infrastructured that is non-dependent on conventional infrastructure, then VOIP would be able to phrase out everything. At the moment, it will just be alternative. But can this become reality, why would we are interested in VOIP in the first place ? it is quite similiar to pirated VCD ? we wanted to buy something at a cheaper cost because we wanted to feel smart. We want to feel great that we have a way to save money.

Thus, if instead of going to Telekom shop, we can visit some VOIP shop to set up a telephone infrastructure, then it would make a difference.

The future of enterprise VOIP would be PBX IP with customizable features. While the future of consumer VOIP would be 3G applications that provide for flat rate unlimited access. Malaysia is still waiting for this next wave.

Jaring recent broadband initiative seems to be the challenger. Offering a 015 number for a cost of RM25. user can make unlimited calls by just paying RM50 montly(non-carry foward), the best part is that the receiving side will get to see caller-ID being displayed. Besides that, it also comes with broadband connectivity. But hey, if it comes with a number, it means other peoplec can call in to the service too. This means that.. someone can actually setup a telecommunication infrastructure without going to Telekom shop. Good news! Good news! This is truly a total VOIP solution!

This would be great for virtual office people. People who had been blacklisted by Telekom and SMI who wanted not to register anything with Telcos. They would prefer to buy a SOMA unit from Jaring and top-up monthly via handphone shop.

let's check out the reseller plan.

The Government has said it wants 10% of the population on broadband by 2008. So we are expecting more broadband players to come into the industry. Did anyone forgot about GPRS ? Fixed rate GPRS is broadband for handphone... is there anyone out there that going to provide cheaper rates than DIGI ?


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