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Also from StarBizWeek 21 May 2005.

The Malaysian Standard Accounting Board (MASB) recently published announcement on admendments to accounting standards.

starting May.
Stardard Code Title
FRS 101 Presentation of Financial Statements
FRS 102 Inventories
FRS 108 Accounting policies, changes in accounting estimates and errors.
FRS 110 Events after the balance sheet date
FRS 116 Property, Plant & Equipment
FRS 121 The effects of changes in Foreign exchange rates
FRS 124 Related party disclosures
FRS 5 Non-current assets held for sale and discontinued operations.

To be issued by July 2005
FRS 3 Business combinations.
FRS 136 Impairment of Assets
FRS 138 Intangible Assets

To be issued by August 2005
FRS 140 Investment property

To be issued by September 2005
FRS 2 shared-based payment
FRS 132 Financial instruments: Disclosure and presentation

to be issued by October 2005
FRS 1 First-time adoption of financial reporting standards
FRS 117 Leases
FRS 127 Consolidated financial statements and investments in subsidiaries
FRS 128 Investments in Associates
FRS 131 Financial reporting of Interests in Joint Ventures
FRS 133 Earnings per share

to be issued by November 2005
FRS 139 Financial instruments: Recognition and measurement.

ERP developers might move in to make changes to their codes... this would create more jobs in the short period of time. while the impact may not given high hopes for employer seeker, employer may have chances of making further penetrations into the market. As authority is serious with such implementation and imposes fines for late follower, we can use software as a way to help them to solve "slow responsiveness" problems.

Other potential growth are Business Intelligence segment where reporting is the core issue.

The best way to sell is, undoubtly, the ability to propagate ideas. The winner is the one who has ability to make an impact on the buyer.

Personally, I would pay for the following software if available...
--> A software which is an accounting system (or ERP system) that comes completely in full functional features and existing dataset, which is aimed to help me understand the full cycle of financial activities for an organization. Meaning, the software is a ready software, and also loaded with existing database where I can use the software to learn about accountings concepts and etc. --> E-learning.

1. what is the future of ERP ?
2. what is the future of accounting software?
3. how can the market creates more job?
4. how to market ERP system more effectively?
5. how to approach your market for ERP ?
6. how to sell business intelligence better?
7. the market for business intelligence ?
8. how can e-learning be related to ERP ?


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