The apprentice application

I bet that Malaysia is going to come out with something similiar to The Apprentice soon, they are just having problems looking for Mr.Terumpan.

The actual application form from the original has few questions which is pretty much business-matured.. I would say.. It helps me to gauge where I am and think ahead.

Among the important questions are:

1. List your last three job and salary history.
2. How would your co-worker describe you.
3. What is your most impressive work or school achievement?
4. Why are you successful in business ?
5. Describe a major event or issue that has affected your life ?
6. Tell us something embarassing about yourself.
7. Why do you believe you could ultimately be "The Apprentice"?

so r u guys ready ?

have a quick look at the answer number 3 for the first season winner; Mr. Bill Rancic.
William "Bill" Rancic founded eight years ago in a 400 sq. ft. studio apartment. Today it is a thriving multi-million dollar national operation. The son of educators, he is a true entrepreneur, paying his way through college by starting a boat wash and wax business in the Chicago area. He is also an adventure junkie. When he is not making business deals he enjoys skydiving and scuba diving. In addition to his cigar company, Bill also develops real estate and speaks at universities and businesses around the country.