The blogsphere & more..

Despite being an ardent blogger.. I haven't been paying attention to what is happening in the blogsphere.. Recently I manage to pick up some information from Fortune managing where it states that Blogging is the number 1 emerging tech trend around.

New information to me..
1.Register at a service like Feedburner to see how many readers you have and what post they like best. It is uses somekind of spider software to track changes and activities to your blog. That is why is it called feed-burner, burning (permanently recording) your feed (information abt your blog) to their database. The problem is, it was working fine and it seems that they forgot to encrypt the parameters for its URL redirection.
2.There is a blog search engine and measurement firm called Technorati. Another one is feedster. Firms like Intelliseek and BuzzMetrics use sophisticated software to analyze the blog universe for corporate clients. (Using consumer opinion for marketing & product development ideas)
3.There is an I.T Evangelist(Robert Scoble) working for Microsoft, doing the same thing as I.T Sideways did. Scobleizer. According to Scoble, “The blog is the best relationship generator you've ever seen.” His famous boss (Bill Gates) agrees. “It's all about openness,” referring to Scobleizer. “People see them as a reflection of an open, communicative culture that isn't afraid to be self-critical.”
4.BuzzMachine's author Jeff Javis. “There should be someone at every company who job is to put into Google and blog search engines the name of the company or the brand, followed by the word 'sucks,' just to see what customers are saying.
5.“if you fudge or lie on a blog, you are bitting the karmic weenie,” says Steve Hayden, Vice chairman of advertising giant Ogilvy & Mather, which creates blogs for clients. “The negative reaction will be so great that, whatever your intention was, it will be ovewhelmed and crushed like a bug. You're fighting with very powerful forces because it's real people's opinions.” --> In reference to Mazda's attempts to create a phony blog in promotion for is product.
6.Blogging publishers have emerged. Two of the most prominent, Jason Calacanis & Nick Denton, are going head-to-head with stables of popular blogs. (Edgadget and Autoblog Vs Gizmodo, Gawker, and Wonkette)
“Our legal department loves the blogs, because it basically is a written-down, backed-up, permanent time-stamped verison of the scientist's notebook. When you want to file a patent, you can now show in blogs where this idea happened.”
7.Six Apart (lured $11.5 million in venture financing) – A blog oriented hosting company, suffered blows when it announced to its customer based via a blog that it is revising its fee structure to a higher level, which outraged 849 customers in 10 languages. The founder; Mena & Ben Trott called it painful because they virtually “live by the blog and die by the blog”.

Thus, even Bill Gates thinks that blog is healthy for an organization like Microsoft. This is good relief for my previous post about content filtering.. a much much relief..