English class for everyone

recently, there are plenty of human development institutes for children & youngster especially, such as the following:

1. Adam Khoo's Advange Learning Technologies
2. Kumon
3. Enopi
4. Many Singaporean companies
5. School-Live

the only problem is, youngster these days seem to work harder than adult in term of brain-squeezing and thinking. Adults on the other hand focus on just one thing, to make ends meet. Rush to work, rush home and sleep, that is about it basically. Allowing the neuro-structure to deplenish slow as we grow older.

the sad thing is no institute of self-improvement is willing to venture into such adult-teaching business, simply, or perhaps because they feel that adults are shy to show their weeknesses. In many ways, it is true because each of us has an ego to protect for the benefits of our career and etc. Thus, it is always and most of the time, difficult for adults to be involved with self-development area where you really get yourself improved. Most of the courses were really just to treat you more like king than student, in order to earn your money.

I been thinking.. language is one of the most important subject in the world. and malaysian are practically weaker in terms of English literacy but yet strong due to tri or biligual ability. For many of us, it is not really our fault, we had tried during the school days, to get ourself better and better each day. Yet we can't change one fact that is our mother tougue aren't English, for mine is Teo-Cheo (Chinese dialect). I have been speaking Teo-cheo for many years before we actually started to speak English.

I do feel that continuous improvement on languages is essential for many of us.. and thus with many technologies around, such as the blogspot, I feel there is a better way for learning language on top of anonymous status. For instance, if there is a great English teacher willingly creating a blog for enthusiast to post their writtings in it, which this great teacher would read them and make correction based on his or her knowledge. The student would have to pay for each posting being remarked or corrected and then perhaps there is a function to allow for bonus payment if he or she finds the teaching to be helpful.

Such is very achievable when people are already willing to pay to get their blogs viewed for no reason at all. @Blogit

with the possibility of incorporating CMS on top of Blogger's Atom API, we can make a bigger system to include member's profile and learning's history, containing information regarding the grammar errors they would usually make, the spelling they often missed and etc. This would be a great system for serious learner and hobbyist.

1. I want to learn english
2. How can I improve my english ?
3. Web applications for language learning.
4. Learning with anonymousity.
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Brandon Teoh said…
Someone like Anya might be interested...

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