I.T for all campaign

Recently, there is a voint venture campaign organized by few I.T vendors in malaysia where they are putting together their best product(not really, the most suitable one) as a package for marketing purposes. It is called "I.T for all".

The main sponsor is maybank due to the fact that it is recommending potential buyer with the following two financial services:
1. SMI & SME loan up to half a million.
Tenure : 3 years means you can get funding up to maximum three years from the date approved.
Rates : 5% BLR set up government (means for government lar)
Total = BLR + 1.5% (maximum is 2%, means the bank will take 1.5% lar)
No details is given how they going to approve it, or who is most eligible for it.
In my humble opinion, I feel that I.T companies are those who need such thing the most. (you can go ahead to guess the reason)

2. Credit card 0% easy payment. - This is a service where you can use your credit card to purchase product via installment and you pay no interest to the vendor. It is a good thing actually because even though many vendors accepts credit card for installment payment, most would levy additional interest due to the interest rate imposed by banks to them. (know what i am saying). In this case, if you are buying the following products under these scheme, you will not have to pay any interest to the vendor. But but but, you would need to pay interest to the credit card company for balances in your credit card account. So it is like single interest compared to double interest in the normal environment. The vendor would be more than happy to serve you because I believe Maybank would pay them full even before you settle the whole deal. The bank is hoping that you would be paying interest to them by not clearing your credit card account monthly. This is a WIN WIN situation.

1. Attract people because people thought that they could do away with credit card installment.
2. Attract vendor because bank will bear the responsibilities of bad debts since Maybank will pay full amount to the vendor when the deal is confirmed.
3. Bank will earn interest from you because you are expected to have balances in your credit card account, otherwise you would have paid in cash in the first place.

Vendors involved:
1. Intel powered desktop, laptop and server. (It is not advertised as Dell)
2. Microsoft Office 2003
3. TrendMicro
4. Biztrak
4. Myob
5.HP laser printer.
6. Linksys broadband router.
7. Streamyx broadband service.

I wouldn't be suprised that Maybank is the main contractor. To know the answer, just called the customer service hotline. 03-7782 9692. Well then again maybe not, this could be just one distributing company's hotline number. (They are not advertising their brand and website).

They are probably targeting the untapped market, since no website given. They expect that potential customers have very low I.T literacy around.

Nevertheless, I feel that this has something to do with MCA because few months back, our transport minister did make a campaign urging companies to adopt I.T systems. But none of the MCA element is found in the news.

Anyhow, I still feel that it is not a seller. Untapped market people are probably more conservative than you think, advertisment like these would attract I.T people like me. It would create awareness for the vendors involved such as MYOB. For people to actually buy it is another story.

Personally I feel that MYOB is famous and quite-common as well. Yet people still not buying it because there is no one talk about it like they are talking about Star Wars or Windows XP. If you gather around non-IT people, they would have high regards for Windows XP, even myself. Comparing those days of Windwos 95, 98 and ME, it is really a great product, i speak for myself. You get to hear people saying that:

"do you know that you can make XP faster and slower ??? can you teach me ??" --> Referring to tweaking ability.

like I said ealier, the experience of Windows XP is surreal, people just can't stop having fun out of it, especially the non-IT people.

Thus, for MYOB, they might have hard core sales manager and excutives, but it ain't enough to boost the sales. Doing centralized advertisement like this would help to boost the awareness, making your product more vulnerable to copy-cat and setting yourself as target of price-benchmark.

1. what is latest IT happenings in malaysia?
2. what is MYOB doing?
3. what is micro trend up to?
4. what is linksys up to?
5. what is biztrak up to?
6. what is maybank ezy pay?
7. what is maybank i.t plus?
8. I need funding for i.t infrastructure.
9. where can i buy HP printer for installment?
10. how can i buy original software at good bargain?


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