it is getting popular..

This blog (I.T sideways) is getting popular..

now, if you search by the string "brandonteohno1" from google, this blog would be referenced as the first result. Way to go.... which would followed by my other's blog.

how does it work ?
--> I can't give you a fixed answer. But registering to seemed to give it a big boost. I am getting site traffics from places which I don't know. Nevertheless, I did register with Google two weeks ago.

One thing I am for sure is that the URL is the main criteria to get you there. For instance, if you search with "I.T Sideways", it probably won't show this blog, simply because the main URL for this blog is

thus the unique word is "brandonteohno1"

Another reason could be due to the fact that as we started to click on the advertisements' link, this site been counter-referenced.

Nevertheless, I did figure out a better way to make search even efficient for blogs, via a method which I would like to called it Evalet. Watch out for it!