looking for business model..

According to the following web site...

Japan looks to make animation savvy..

Japan's total "contents" business in animation, film, publishing and music was worth 14.7 trillion yen (140 billion dollars) in 2003, with animation including manga cartoons, films, videos and character products ringing up 2.7 trillion yen (26 billion dollars), according to the Digital Content Association of Japan.

how they conclude such figures.. have they also included the underground side of the the industry..ahem!

their intention is to make animation as mainstream industry, compare to other mainstreams such as engineering, accouting and etc. Their problem is, like we guessed it... is this business feasible?

so, they are looking for business model.. they are not worried about talents and technical, just whether can make money or not ?

I am just wondering, is there more technical people than sales people in this world ? logically if there is more products than sales activities, then we should focus on sales rather than inventions because many inventions are not even sold once. (assuming that the quality is good)

Programming languages and API - inventions
Must we (particularly Malaysian) focus on doing more inventions ? I know we like to be advance, we performed our own R&D because we wanted to localize the cost... at the expense of time and market opportunities.

USA, Taiwan, Japan, India, Singapore are all famous for technical, they got a lot of things to offer, but nobody is buying it, at least not much.

Let's put aside pirated CD activities in Malaysia, what really drives a Malaysian sales market for I.T ?

One way is movies... for instance, we show on movies a Malay girl teaching chinese boy to setup broadband modems, then should it become another box office, chances is that many youngsters would know how to setup it without the help of technical people, I bet. The movie creator is no longer called 'movie creator' but I.T evangelist, similiar to Microsoft's employees.

how can i be part of this exciting concept ? low-cost and yet starting part time because I have not enough extra money..

if i read a book and convert it some software or animation... expect to sell it to the society at large and then hope that it would drive the sales of any concept relevant. If i can take the risks, how would I make money then when I can't assume that everyone will buy my software or invention.

People make money with intention to sell it as the first priority.. what should my priority be ?